Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. "ObamaCare"

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ObamaCare: The Federal Healthcare Takeover of 2010

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Liberty Counsel Press Releases

Mat Staver Presented Oral Argument In The Court of Appeals Today Against Obamacare (5/16/13)

Mat Staver Argues the Most Comprehensive Challenge to ObamaCare (5/15/13)

ObamaCare Unconstitutional on Several Levels, Liberty Counsel Argues (4/24/13)

Liberty Counsel Files Appellate Brief in the Most Comprehensive Challenge Pending to ObamaCare (2/27/13)

Court of Appeals Sets Argument Date On ObamaCare Case Following Supreme Court Directive (1/18/13)

High Court Breathes New Life Into ObamaCare Lawsuit (11/26/12)

Supreme Court Upholds ObamaCare Individual Mandate as a Tax (6/28/12)

Liberty University Files Lawsuit Against the Government Takeover of Healthcare (3/24/10)


Legal Documents

Liberty Counsel's Brief to the Fourth Circut Court of Appeals (4/24/13)

Liberty Counsel's Supplemental Brief (2/27/13)

Liberty Counsel's Complaint Against the Unconstitutional Healthcare Bill (4/14/10)


ObamaCare Senior



The Healthcare Law: A Historic Mistake (04/10) Mat Staver,

Ode to the Odious in DC (12/22/09) Poem by Laura Runion


The information below applies to the different iterations of Obamacare and may or may not be included in the final bill. For more information please read Liberty Counsel's analysis of the ObamaCare law.

Comprehensive Healthcare Chart (11/18/09)

Reid Healthcare Bill Summary (11/19/09)

Harry Reid's Healthcare Bill (11/19/09)

How Max Missed the Mark on Healthcare (10/13/09) Mandi D. Campbell

Can I Keep My Doctor Under the Baucus Healthcare Bill? Flowchart (9/22/09)

Seeing But Not Believing Obama’s Faulty Health Care Plan  (8/28/09) Mandi D. Campbell

Government Healthcare Threatens Life and Liberty  (08/09/09) Mat Staver

HR 3200 (07/29/09)

Is There a Co-Pay With Forced Abortion?  (07/27/09) Matt Barber