Resources About the Sanctity of Human Life

Abortion Information Packet (Free PDF) Information and tools to help you make a difference!

Child Development and the Effects of Abortion

In Memory of Baby Rowan

Abortion No - graphically depicts the violence of first-trimester abortion
Development of the Unborn Child - with video clips
Photographs of babies
Twenty-one-week old unborn child has surgery
Twenty-four-week unborn child born alive
Types of Abortion at different states of fetal development

Legal Information and Memorandums

Legal Memorandum on the Mississippi Personhood Amendment
Parental Consent or Notification Law by State
South Dakota’s Abortion Task Force (2005)
Constitutional Challenges to State Victims in the Womb

History of Abortion

A Dark Past Article by Jonah Goldberg. A story about Planned Parenthood
Abortion Essays and History
Americans Fund “Hitler-kind of killing machine”

Partial birth Abortion

Partial Birth Abortion Cases Trial
Partial Birth Abortion Procedure Animated

Links to Helpful Organizations

Personhood USA
Live Action
Center for Bio-Ethical Reform
Abortion Harms Women (Operation Outcry)

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