February 2, 2013

Join Michele Bachmann at The Awakening 2013


Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is coming to the The Awakening 2013: Fighting for the Soul of America in Orlando, Florida. Are you?

A principled reformer who stays true to her values, Minnesota GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann was a leading GOP presidential candidate in 2012. Michele Bachmann is a leading advocate for life, liberty, and limited government. Just as Liberty Counsel was filing the very first private lawsuit against ObamaCare, Rep. Bachmann submitted a bill to repeal ObamaCare, the first member of Congress to do so. Besides repealing ObamaCare, Rep. Bachmann is committed to cutting spending, strengthening the family, and defending marriage.

A war is raging against our shared values. Our faith and freedom are under attack. Join Michele and hundreds of other like-minded, Christian patriots as we stand up and are counted for Christ and for our country. An in-depth faith and freedom event, The Awakening 2013: Fighting for the Soul of America will be at First Baptist Oviedo in Orlando, Florida, on April 19-20, 2013.

Choose from breakout sessions with topics from Israel to immigration, from our families to our nation’s future, all led by the nation’s top religious and policy leaders dedicated to the cause of promoting and protecting our Judeo-Christian values.

Unite with us as we educate, motivate, and activate you to make a difference in your community in 2013. Register for this exciting event at TheAwakeningUSA.org or call 877-810-1776.

“Congresswoman Bachmann is a passionate advocate for conservative principles. I am thrilled that she will be joining us at The Awakening 2013,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “Add your voice to hers, and join us in Orlando!”

Be a part of an exciting and life-changing experience at The Awakening 2013: “Fighting for the Soul of America” at First Baptist Oviedo, April 19-20, 2013. Register today. Call 877-810-1776 for more information or visit TheAwakeningUSA.org.



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