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Students Visit U.S. Supreme Court

February 03, 2006

Students in D.C.

  Twenty-five students enjoy a Christmas break trip to the United States Supreme Court

During Christmas break, Professor H. Beau Baez took a group of 25 students to Washington, D.C. to listen to the oral argument in Hartman v. Moore at the United States Supreme Court.

The argument lasted an hour and was filled with intense questioning by the Justices. Jeff Johnson, second year law student commented, “Our trip to the Supreme Court was hopefully a preview of things to come. Sitting in that grand courtroom listening to oral arguments -- I was impressed, not only by the eloquence of the advocates and the searching inquiries of the Justices, but by the realization that our law school's graduates could one day argue before our nation's highest court.”

That afternoon, Supreme Court Clerk William K. Suter gave the students a private tour and met with them in the Supreme Court Lawyers’ Lounge. Suter recently visited Liberty University School of Law as a featured speaker in the law school’s 2005-2006 Speakers’ Forum.

Professor Baez was pleased with the visit and echoed Johnson’s enthusiasm. “One reason for the trip was to expose Liberty students to the highest level of legal practice. My hope is that in the not too distant future some of these students will be arguing cases before the Supreme Court, and eventually will be listening to cases as members of that august court.”