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Liberty Law Professor Exposes Fraud Schemes, Releases Book

October 19, 2007

Liberty law professor Joel D. Hesch released his new book, Whistleblowing: A Guide to Government Reward Programs, which exposes hundreds of fraud schemes used by companies to cheat the government out of nearly $100 billion each year. According to Professor Hesch, "Corporations are cheating on both ends of the stick. First, ten percent of government spending is lost to fraud. Second, companies are committing tax evasion, thereby reaching into the government's purse by another ten percent." This translates into $500 of every taxpayer's taxes just going to cover the cost of corporate fraud on the government.

Professor Hesch worked for 15 years with the Department of Justice Fraud Section in Washington, D.C. "I have seen every type of fraud scheme imaginable," he said. In his new book, Professor Hesch outlines each of the basic fraud schemes being committed against 20 government programs, as well as the largest tax evasion ploys.

Rather than leaving you feeling frustrated, Professor Hesch points out what you can do about fraud in a real and concrete manner. The government is calling out for help and offering huge rewards to those reporting fraud. According to Professor Hesch, who helped oversee the payout of $2 billion in rewards, "A whistleblower who meets the guidelines and follows the procedures can expect a reward of between 15 and 25 percent of what the government collects. The government is happy to pay these rewards because it would have otherwise lost the full amount to fraud." This adds up fast because the average fraud scheme amounts to $10 million, resulting in an average whistleblower reward of $1.75 million.

Whistleblowing contains the recipe for filing for a reward, explains the risks, and provides a checklist to test your potential case. It is the one book you need to understand about fraud against the government and how to apply for a reward.

The book, ISPN 978-0-977-2602-0-1 (256 pages, $15.95), is available through 1-800-BOOK-LOG, at, and from your favorite online bookstore.

The author's website,, also offers free information for reporting other kinds of fraud ranging from identity theft, Internet scams, stock market fraud, and mail fraud.