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Liberty law professor releases new book on rewards for reporting tax fraud

April 22, 2009

Joel Hesch, Assistant Professor of Law at Liberty University School of Law, just released his latest book titled “Reward: Collecting Millions for Reporting Tax Evasion (Your Complete Guide to the IRS Whistleblower Reward Program).” Published by LU Books, a division of Liberty University Press, the book offers step-by-step checklists, evaluation techniques, and examples.

“At a time when most Americans are struggling financially, 10% of companies and individuals are adding to that burden by skipping out on their share of taxes which are needed to fund important programs. It’s not fair and it affects us all. That’s why I wrote this book,” said Hesch.

According to Hesch’s research, tax payers pay an extra $1,000 every year just to cover the 15% of people and companies who do not pay what they should. That adds up to a “tax gap” of $350 billion a year. Congress has mandated that the IRS start paying rewards of at least 15% and as high as 30% of what it recovers based on whistleblower tips.

Professor Hesch is an expert on government reward programs and has spent 15 years within the Department of Justice Fraud Division, helping oversee the payout of $2 billion in rewards.

The book is available at and through most bookstores. More information is available at the author’s website,