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Liberty Negotiates to Third Against Teams from Across the Country

April 03, 2008

The skill of Liberty's negotiation teams was evident when third-year students Lyle Carver and David Hoffer took third place at the 2008 Robert R. Merhige Jr. National Environmental Law Negotiation Competition in Richmond, VA. Twenty-four teams from across the country competed in the event, showcasing their negotiation abilities in a race for first. The competition was sponsored by the Client Counseling and Negotiation Board (CCNB), a student run organization that promotes the skills of negotiation as well as client interviewing and counseling. 

Assistant Professor of Law Joel Hesch served as the faculty advisor and coach, helping to prepare the students for competition. Professor Hesch commented that Liberty’s focus in the competition was not environmental law, but the importance of negotiation skills. 

He stated: “This is an excellent opportunity for our law students to compete with other schools from across the country. Negotiating is a valuable skill needed by every lawyer, regardless of the type of law they specialize in. Our students have shown a remarkable aptitude for effective negotiations, and we have received outstanding results in every competition we have entered.”