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Etiquette Dinner Courts Students with Style

April 01, 2009

Law students and their guests were taught grace, poise, and confidence for any business situation as Liberty University School of Law hosted the semi-formal Professional Style and Etiquette Dinner last week.

The school’s Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) sponsored the event where attendees enjoyed a catered four-course meal, a clothing presentation, and the chance to win prizes. They also received instruction from Doug Pugh, General Manager of Liberty Dining, on dining etiquette, which included such topics as properly buttering and eating a roll and choosing the correct piece of silverware for each course.

Pugh entertained students with excerpts from George Washington’s Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour In Company and Conversation, written before the age of sixteen. Pugh shared that, in addition to basic table manners, George Washington had advice especially appropriate for budding attorneys: “When you see a Crime punished, you may be inwardly Pleased; but always shew Pity to the Suffering Offender.”

Volunteers modeled ten business-professional outfits, provided by S&K Menswear and Talbots, to illustrate the differences among appropriate interview, office, consulting, and casual wear. Fusion Hair Salon provided styling assistance for the models.

All attendees received a wallet-sized “etiquette cheat sheet,” and four students received $25 gift cards for Talbots or S&K Menswear. CCPD is making plans to create a bigger and better event next spring.