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Negotiation Competition Returns for Second Year

March 30, 2009

Liberty University School of Law recently held its second-annual Negotiation Tournament where second-year law students (2Ls) Brian Locker and Tim Good won first place among their peers. Twenty teams of two students each participated in this school-wide, two-day competition sponsored by the school’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Board.

First-year law students (1Ls) Matt Tinch and Chris Pitera teamed up to capture second place; 2Ls Amber Cross and Erica Nelson placed third; and taking fourth was Tim Todd and Caleb Sweazey, both 1Ls.

“It was a very exciting tournament. All of the students performed exceptionally well, and the results were very close. The depth of talent at Liberty is demonstrated by the fact that the top four teams consisted of two teams of 2Ls and two teams of 1Ls,” concluded Joel Hesch, Assistant Professor of Law.

Liberty University School of Law offers its unparalleled Lawyering Skills Program whereby students learn to apply their knowledge of case law to actual tasks employed in the legal profession. While this is only the second year this negotiation competition has been held, the ADR Board has seen a significant increase in the level of interest among students and in the number of students who wish to participate. Additionally, the ADR Board received assistance from the local bar with attorneys and judges presiding over the competition.