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Liberty Live Hosts TeenPact Founder and Announces New Law School Scholarship

January 19, 2009

On today’s first Liberty Live broadcast, host Mat Staver will interview Tim Echols, Founder and President of TeenPact, along with Sarah Spillar, a freshman at Liberty University and graduate of TeenPact Judicial. Staver, who is the Dean of Liberty University School of Law and the Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, will announce “The New Generation - TeenPact Scholarship,” which will be awarded annually to outstanding graduates of TeenPact to attend Liberty University School of Law.

Liberty University School of Law and Liberty Counsel will host the twelfth annual TeenPact Judicial program on the campus of Liberty University July 5-11, 2009. TeenPact trains youth to be future leaders in law and government. TeenPact State trains students on the legislative process and TeenPact Judicial provides training in the judicial process. In TeenPact Judicial, students learn the law and argue a mock case before a panel of judges.

Tim Echols describes the week-long conference as “an intensive program that teaches high-school students about law and the judicial system from a distinctly Biblical worldview. The goal of the program is to inspire the next generation of Christian leaders to be passionate about their faith and provide them the tools they need to proactively engage the culture.”

Liberty Live is a daily radio program that debuts today on 126 stations of American Family Radio’s new AFR Talk network and will be simulcast with an interactive blog on The one-hour live, interactive call-in program airs from 4:00 to 5:00 PM EST Monday through Friday. Sarah Seitz, Legal Director for the Liberty Center for Law & Policy in Washington, D.C., will give an update on the Inauguration and the incoming Obama administration.

Dean Staver commented: “My passion is to train a new generation of leaders in the rule of law from a Christian perspective to use law as a fulcrum for good. The students who are trained at TeenPact are energetic, bright, and eager to become world leaders. We want their best and brightest to attend Liberty University and Liberty University School of Law. That is why we are pleased to announce ‘The New Generation – TeenPact Scholarship’ to outstanding graduates of the TeenPact program.”