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Staff Share the Stage in the Virginia Christmas Spectacular

December 10, 2008

Liberty University School of Law and Liberty Counsel are proud to announce on-stage performances from several staff members in this year’s Virginia Christmas Spectacular hosted by Thomas Road Baptist Church.

Christopher Breedlove (pictured above), Director of Public Affairs for the School of Law, plays the role of “Frank,” the main character and an employee of YUPS (Your United Postal Service). On Christmas Eve, Frank finds himself traveling the world experiencing Christmas throughout different cultures. “On the surface Frank appears to have everything together: great job, nice material possessions. But with every encounter along his journey, he begins to feel the burden of something missing in his life,” added Breedlove.

Breedlove is joined by Rena Lindevaldsen, Assistant Professor of Law at Liberty University School of Law, who appears in numerous dance numbers throughout the production. There is also a special performance from David Corry, Senior Litigation Counsel for Liberty Counsel, announcing the coming of the Messiah. Corry is also the voice of the dispatcher who communicates with Breedlove throughout the performance.

For 38 years, Thomas Road Baptist Church has impacted the hearts and lives of many throughout the Christmas season with powerful lights, colors, and themes. The theme of this year’s production is peace. “This year’s theme is powerful in the sense that it is an issue we all can relate to. We all share similarities with Frank’s character,” concluded Breedlove.

The choreography, music, dance routines, and costumes are Broadway quality. The twin, 11-tier Christmas trees, which serve as an extension of the music, are filled with lights that extend about 24 miles. Each tree can hold up to 125 choir members, resonating with powerful accord throughout the sanctuary of Thomas Road Baptist Church.

This year’s production is completely original and entirely live. The conduction falls under Scott Bullman, Choir Director of TRBC, and he is not alone. Linwood Campbell, Instrumental Director of TRBC, leads the string and brass orchestra, resting high above the middle of the stage.

Preparation for this year’s Christmas production started in February and has combined the talents of over 600 cast and crew members.

The Virginia Christmas Spectacular will continue to have showings on Friday, December 12, Saturday, December 13, and Sunday, December 14. For more information visit Thomas Road Baptist Church online at