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Law School and Seminary Compete in Epic Football Game

November 06, 2008

The stage was set for battle as Liberty University School of Law and Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary charged the field of Williams Stadium in an effort to raise financial support for the Liberty Godparent Home.

Saturday, November 1, marked a day forever stamped in Liberty University history when two of Liberty’s highly praised schools set aside their brotherly love and competed in the first Turkey Bowl, a charity flag football game. This was truly a “David and Goliath” clash in athleticism. “The competition between the law school and the seminary was for a good cause. We had fun and also raised money for the Liberty Godparent Home. The event helped to bond the schools together. It was a wonderful experience,” remarked Mathew Staver, Dean of Liberty University School of Law and founder of Liberty Counsel.

Behind the eye makeup and the gritted teeth, and the witty, humorous commentary by Campus Worship Pastor David McKinney, there was still a common ground. The two schools brought together fans of each and charged a minimal entry fee with all proceeds directly donated to the Liberty Godparent Home. “We LOVE the ministry of the Godparent Home—would do anything for them,” added Ergun Caner, President and Dean of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary & Graduate School.

At the end of the two-hour match, over $700 was collected and presented to the Godparent Home in a memorable presentation.

The Liberty Godparent Home, a Christian organization founded by the late Dr. Jerry Falwell, is devoted to improving the quality of life for unwed pregnant teens, babies, and adoptive families by providing two separate alternatives: the Liberty Godparent Maternity Home and Family Life Services Adoption Agency. The organization aims to empower young pregnant girls in crisis with the ability to realize the value of their life and the life of their unborn child, while bringing other families together through adoption.

Following the game, both schools gathered in fellowship in the School of Law parking lot for a homemade chili dish supper. Those who brought chili participated in a chili-making contest judged by Dean Staver; Joseph Wiegand, Associate Dean for Internal Affairs (law school); and seminary professor Fred Smith . First place was awarded to Seminary Student Government Association president Andrew Marshall, along with his wife, Christal.

Liberty University School of Law and Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary & Graduate School both are committed to more than academic growth. There exists a living mission to continue to instruct and mentor those students who are called to grow and mature in their education and faith to have the maximum impact for Christ in today’s world.