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Trial Team Invited to National Civil Trial Competition

October 15, 2014

The Liberty University School of Law Trial Team is only three years old, but the program is getting a shot to showcase its talents at one of the country’s top advocacy competitions.

Professor Pamela Bell, Director of the Center for Trial Advocacy and coach of the trial team, learned just this week that her team had been invited to the National Civil Trial Competition hosted by Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.

The competition features 16 teams from across the country, and Bell said participants are selected based on their past success in regional and national tournaments and their commitment to advocacy training, along with geographic diversity.

For the competition, which will be held November 14-16, students will conduct a full jury trial, including opening and closing statements and direct and cross examination of witnesses.

Students argue objections based on the Federal Rules of Evidence.

Bell was ecstatic when she received to invitation to compete in the competition.

“It’s a pretty big deal. It’s one of the most prestigious national invitational tournaments,” she said.

“It means that our trial team is being recognized as a team that is and will be competitive.”

From Liberty’s trial program, Tinisha Bowles-Densford, Hugh Jackson, Melanie Caldwell and Michael Sharp will compete. Bell said the team is putting in multiple hours-long practices every week.

“This is our opportunity to showcase our program on the  national stage,” Bell said, reflecting on the opportunity the school and team have been given.

“Here it is three years later and we’re being invited to one of the premiere national invitational competitions.”