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Despite Nationwide Enrollment Drop, Liberty Law Keeping Standards High

February 23, 2014

In an economic environment where law school enrollment across the nation is at its lowest level since the 1970s, Liberty University School of Law has been able to maintain – and even increase – its high admissions standards, while expanding faculty size and still boosting overall revenue to the institution.

Dean Mathew D. Staver says that Liberty Law has been able to face the financial headwinds chiefly due to the tremendous success of Liberty University's online programs in Paralegal Studies and the M.A. in Public Policy. Revenue from these online programs contribute to the law school bottom line, keeping Liberty Law operating in the black without having to cut programs or faculty, and without having to lower LSAT score requirements.

“We have been intentional not to lower admissions and academic requirements in order to financially offset enrollment declines and, in fact, have increased our standards,” said Staver. “Unlike other schools we do not have the pressure to fill seats, primarily due to the success of the online program.” 

Staver understands the tough situation other law schools face and the pressures to lower LSAT score and GPA requirements at an unprecedented time of plummeting law school applications nationwide.  He is thankful that even during a time when enrollment is temporarily in decline Liberty Law continues be set apart through its high academic standards, small classroom sizes, experienced and committed faculty and unsurpassed legal skills curriculum.  

“In the face of adversity,” says Staver, “Liberty University School of Law chose the high road. We have always strived to follow the motto of our founder, Dr. Jerry Falwell Sr., ‘If it’s Christian, it ought to be better.’”