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LU School of Law Welcomes Its Inaugural Class

August 13, 2004

The Liberty University School of Law welcomes an inaugural class that exceeds expectations in size and quality.

Anticipating an opening class of approximately 40 students, the LU School of Law begins its orientation tomorrow with 61 students in the inaugural class. The law school received an impressive number of quality applicants, requiring that it reconsider initial class size projections. In the end, the school received 204 applications, accepted 71 and achieved an exceptional 89 percent confirmation rate. The national average for confirmation rates of those offered admission to law schools is well below 50 percent.

In addition to exceeding size expectations, the class boasts excellent test scores with a median score of 153 on the LSAT and a median GPA of 3.28. These scores place the class at the mid range for last year’s entering classes in ABA-approved schools. The students represent 49 universities and 11 students hold advanced degrees, including one Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. They hail from 22 states and one foreign country, the nation of India. Forty percent are female and 60 percent male.

Bruce Green, dean of the law school, attributes the extraordinary interest in the school to its unique mission. “Most of our students indicate their attraction to the bold mission of the law school to study law from a comprehensive Christian worldview. They are highly motivated and come from successful academic backgrounds.”

Dennis Englerth, a student from Lynchburg, confirms Dean Green’s perceptions. “My interest in and hope of entering the legal profession were restored in the principles and mission of the LU program…What I find so appealing about the Liberty University School of Law is that it promises to offer an unparalleled approach to legal education that returns Christian faith and truth to the forefront of legal education. I applaud the University for recognizing and responding to this need.”

Another significant draw of the school is its distinguished faculty. The depth and breadth of their academic and professional experience provide a sound foundation for a superior legal education. The faculty is comprised of six full-time professors with two having between them more than 40 years experience as full-time faculty members at ABA-approved law schools.

Two others have had law school teaching experience, one as a guest lecturer and adjunct professor at an ABA-approved school and the other as a professor at an innovative online law school. Those without formal teaching experience have distinguished themselves in the profession.

LU Chancellor Dr. Jerry Falwell states, "The opening of the LU School of Law in 2004 compares in importance with the establishment of our Seminary in 1973. The training of pastors, missionaries, evangelists and theological teachers enables us to fulfill our calling to be 'the light of the world', as we evangelize the nations for Christ. The new School of Law enables us to fulfill our calling as 'the salt of the earth', confronting the culture and raising a standard for righteousness. This is a historic occasion and I am very excited."

The School of Law is located on the north campus of Liberty University and consists of 120,000 total square feet, including a 36,000 square foot library and room for expansion into an additional 14,000 square feet. The library houses approximately 40,000 bound volumes and an additional 120,000 volumes on microform. In addition, the School of Law offers a wireless computing environment and classrooms with the latest in IT equipment. Future classroom building projects include a moot courtroom, ceremonial courtroom and computer lab.