The last two weeks of every semester are very stressful for most law students. In order to limit stress levels, here are some helpful tips to follow during examination time.

Prior to the examination period:  Read the examination procedure that the Registrar will provide. The procedures outlined in that document detail the procedures you must follow when taking your examinations.

Punctuality: Students are expected to be in their designated exam room (as indicated on the exam schedule) at least fifteen minutes prior to the exam start time. This means that you are in your seat, prepared, and ready to begin your examination.

Cell phones: Prior to the examination, make sure your cell phone is turned off (DO NOT PUT THE PHONE ON VIBRATE) and all of your bags and belongings are in the front of the examination room.

What to bring with you: Students are only permitted to have writing instruments (or computers) and materials that are authorized by the professor for the examination. If you have other items, you will be in violation of the examination rules and procedures.

Illness: If you are sick, please bring necessary tissues, lozenges, and water (in an approved container) that you may need during the examination. If your illness is causing you to be unable to continue the examination, notify the proctor immediately. Refer to §07.5.B of the Academic Policies and Procedures in the Student Handbook for information on the procedure for petition to make up the examination.

Leaving the examination room: If you need to leave the room for any reason (restroom, drink of water, break), make sure you do not take any examination materials with you and that all the examination materials left behind are closed. Student lockers are off limits during the examination and discussion of the exam at that time is prohibited.

At the end of the exam: As the end of the exam approaches, the proctor will give warnings. Once the proctor begins to give these warnings, please remain in your seat until the examination period is complete. This is a courtesy to the other students in the examination room who are also trying to finish their exams.

After the exam: Quickly gather your examination materials and turn them in to the proctor. Then, go to lunch or dinner. Enjoy some time with friends. Spend at least one to two hours decompressing and putting the examination behind you.