Associate Dean for External Relations


  • J.D., Regent University School of Law
  • B.S., Roberts Wesleyan College

Areas of Interest/Teaching

Secured Transactions, Bankruptcy, Mergers and Acquisitions, Information/Data Security


  • Michael A. Glasser & Timothy R. Spaulding, What are Lenders Willing to Do?, in AVOIDING FORECLOSURE: THE PRACTICAL REALITIES OF DEALING WITH MORTGAGES IN ARREARS, I-1, (Virginia CLE: The Virginia Law Foundation, 2008).
  • Timothy R. Spaulding, Moving Beyond Treating Cancer with a Band-Aid: Addressing the Domestic Hindrances to Eradicating Child Sex Tourism & Child Prostitution in Cambodia, GONZAGA INT’L LAW 8 (2008),


  • Associate Dean for External Relations at Liberty University School of Law
  • Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US)
  • President and CEO of Freedom 4/24, a nonprofit organization focused on bringing freedom and justice to victims and survivors of human trafficking.
  • Solo practitioner in private practice where he appeared on behalf of creditors in civil lawsuits in both the general district and circuit court level throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Additionally, Mr. Spaulding represented and consulted with clients on landlord/tenant issues, easements, and various other residential real estate issues. He advised and consulted clients on business formation options including benefit corporations, L3Cs, as well as more traditional LLCs, non-profit corporations, and for-profit corporations.
  • Practiced law with a firm based in Norfolk, Virginia where he represented numerous national banks in hundreds of residential real estate foreclosures. Reviewed executed contracts for defects and engaged in civil litigation to remove clouds of title, reform deeds of trust, re-record erroneously released security interests, protected client interests in suits to enforce mechanics’ liens, federal tax liens, and creditor suits to force payment. Negotiated settlements on lawsuits filed in Connecticut on behalf of a nationally recognized bank. Represented creditors in civil litigation, collections actions, and garnishments, including developing trial strategies and witness preparation for hundreds of trials at the general district court and circuit court levels.
  • Taught English for the Japanese government in Shizuoka-shi, Japan.


Dean Spaulding joined Liberty University School of Law in fall 2017. Before coming to LU, Dean Spaulding served as the President and CEO of Freedom 4/24, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization existing to bring freedom and justice to victims and survivors of sex trafficking around the world. As both the chief executive and chief development officer of Freedom 4/24, he oversaw tremendous growth in the areas of governance, systems and structures, financial oversight and accountability, fundraising, donor development, staffing, staff development, and vetting of international partnerships.

Prior to Dean Spaulding’s time with Freedom 4/24, he was first an associate attorney with Glasser & Glasser, PLC in Norfolk, VA then opened a solo practice law firm in Lynchburg, VA where he represented clients in civil matters related to real estate and secured transactions.

Spaulding has had a passion for anti-trafficking work for much of his life and it was the driving force behind his attending law school. Over the past 11 years he has been a featured speaker and lecturer on topics related to human trafficking.

Personally, Dean Spaulding and his wife, Cindi, and three children enjoy hiking, mountain biking, road trips, and exploring the Blue Ridge mountains around their home., Spaulding is an avid ultramarathoner who has completed numerous races from the 50KM to 100-mile distance.