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JD/Education Specialist Dual Degree Program (Ed.S.)

Educational Law Cognate

Whether your desire is a leadership role in education or teaching at the university-level, a J.D./Education Specialist dual degree may be the right choice for you. Through the Educational Law cognate, you’ll study advanced learning theory and research and theories of historical and social foundations. With this course of study, you will have the specialization needed for a legal career in education or to teach law.

You must apply and be accepted to Liberty University’s Education Specialist program in order to complete the J.D. and Educational Specialist combined degree program. Some courses in the law curriculum will meet requirements for both the J.D. and Education Specialist degrees. To participate in the Educational Specialist dual degree program, you must get permission from both the Liberty Law registrar and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Tuition for Law and Education Specialist Dual Degree Program

Law school tuition covers the cost of Education Specialist classes taken during the fall and spring semesters. However, classes taken during the summer and winter terms are not covered.

Degree Completion Plans (DCP)

Juris Doctor (J.D.) DCP

Education DCP