ADS Academic Services Team


Dustin Williams


Devon Wills

Program Manager

Drew Griffith

Jr. Data Scientist

Nick Vancil

Technical Lead

Will Uminn

Technical Lead

Matt Peele

Academics Team Lead

Owen Davenport

Academics Team Lead

Kara Ranck

LMS Team Lead

Lauren Gallagher

Student Life Team Lead

David Jones

Dev Team Lead

ADS Academics Team

The ADS Academics team supports the daily operations of the Registrar’s office, Provost’s office, academic colleges & departments, and academic support offices.  Through collaboration with the Registrar and Provost leadership team, ADS helps ensure that their business processes run efficiently in relation to student records and experience, which includes transfer evaluations, student registration, course grades, and graduation  tracking. The ADS team also provides insight and analysis into enrollment and faculty data, utilizing business intelligence tools and reporting dashboards, as well as state and federal compliance reporting to agencies such as SCHEV and IPEDS.



  • Matt Peele (Team Lead)
  • Owen Davenport (Team Lead)
  • Adam Starnes
  • Amy Brandon
  • Athos Lucchini
  • Brandon Gregory
  • Brennan Bush
  • Camilla Fuller
  • Christi Barnett
  • Clee Ryan
  • Donita Carson
  • Kelly Gibbs
  • Kevin Caldwell
  • Lucy Hatfield
  • Nathan Ziemkowsky
  • Nicholas Thomason
  • Steven Matulionis
  • Thomas Taylor




ADS Learning Solutions Team

The ADS Learning Solutions team supports the daily operation of Blackboard and Canvas by coordinating with academic departments, the Registrar’s office, departments of curriculum development, faculty, and students to maintain and enhance Liberty's current environment. The ADS LS team also provides strategic consultation to other IS divisions by contributing to the review and improvement of current LMS business processes as well as the research and integration of new educational technologies. Finally, ADS LS develops reporting and data visualization around the LMS and educational technologies to provide insight and focus for interested academic and business units.



  • Kara Ranck (Team Lead)
  • Aaron Vaders-Collins
  • Andrew Rossignol
  • Angela McGouldrick
  • Brian Cody
  • Brooke Anderson
  • Chad Cline
  • Doug Kellogg
  • James Cagle
  • Kathy Calvert
  • Michael Hammond
  • Sean Barker


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ADS Student Life Team

The ADS Student Life team supports daily efforts of all offices under Student Affairs and Spiritual Development. Through business process consulting, application support, and reporting dashboards, ADS assists these offices in making informed decisions, recognizing trends in data, and increasing efficiency of operations. By providing this support, the ADS Student Life team’s mission is to contribute to the endeavor of these offices in training champions for Christ.



  • Lauren Gallagher (Team Lead)
  • Ciara Volkov
  • Michael Evans
  • Raymond Fuentes




ADS Academics DEV Team

The ADS Academics DEV team supports the other ADS Academic Services teams by assisting in the development of business process improvements for their respective departments. This team is devoted to automating business processes primarily through creating forms using APEX and workflow automation.



  • David Jones (Team Lead)
  • Abigail Hannell
  • Andrew Charron
  • Damian Schoolcraft
  • Joshua Swiney


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