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Introducing Canvas

Liberty is excited to announce that we will begin transitioning from our current learning management system (LMS), Blackboard, to a new system called Canvas

Canvas is an easy to navigate, user-friendly learning management platform that allows institutions to build a digital learning environment that meets their unique needs and challenges. Liberty has selected the Canvas platform because it empowers institutions to impact achievement in real and significant ways through intuitive learning and dynamic and engaging content.

Canvas is also cloud-based, which provides the best environment for long-term growth and stability. Best of all, Canvas is extremely mobile friendly, so your courses will always be available to you, even when you are on the go!

Why the Change to Canvas?

We selected Canvas as our new online “Campus” or Learning Management System because:

  • It allows us to highly customize the student experience.
  • The cloud-based platform provides the best environment for growth and stability.
  • It's extremely mobile friendly for students and faculty.

Are My Courses in Canvas?

  • Both residential and online courses are now in Canvas! You can access your courses by navigating to

Assistance & Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To get started, you may access a brief navigation video below.  There are also numerous tutorial videos available to help you become familiar with completing routine course actions and tasks.

Each Module contains the course text that is required for that week’s assignments. To easily access your course text:

  • Navigate to the Learn section under the Module and Week.
  • Click the “Read” link that includes the textbook author’s name and the assigned chapter.
  • Select “Load Read” to access the course textbook.

No, the course materials are consistent between Blackboard and Canvas.

  • Yes! One of the many benefits of Canvas is it is very mobile friendly.
  • Please download the Canvas app here to get started.  Use your Liberty credentials to login.

training resources icon Training Resources

We understand that Canvas will be new for everyone, so we've provided training resource links to help you with this transition.  Use the categories below to find the resources that you need.

Note: While Canvas works in most browsers, it works best in Google Chrome. If something in your instance of Canvas is not working properly and you are in a different web browser, try opening Canvas in Chrome to see if that solves the issue.

Video Resources