ServiceNow is an IT service management application, but it can also be used for other technology service management: permissions, knowledge documentation, system set-up, and system resolution. We use ServiceNow to route and breakdown requests into smaller tasks to be accomplished efficiently when divided across teams, when applicable.



Who has access to ServiceNow?

There are two major categories of users: Licensed Users and End-Users. Licensed Users have access to the back-end of ServiceNow and can make changes to a task. End-Users are able to submit requests for technical or business services or report an incident.


For users within Information Services, a license is granted upon hire to handle the variety of tasks and projects assigned to their division. These users work requests and incidents as assigned, track their time, document the task’s progress, and keep the customer updated for the duration of the task or project.


Users outside of Information Services are granted permissions to ServiceNow by request and use the tool in conjunction with the business service they provide the University.



ITIL-Licensed Users All End-Users Want a License?

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Request support for a technical or business service.

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Training Opportunities for Licensed Users

ServiceNow Basics

ADS IS offers training for ServiceNow through their IS Process Training online course. It contains resources pertaining to ServiceNow. Check out the basics series if you're just starting out with ServiceNow or simply need a refresher.



Want to learn more about ServiceNow Basics? Please refer to the IS Process Training course.


Join the ServiceNow User Group (SNUG)!

Once a month, the ADS IS team demo new features which have been delivered. These are currently sent via “ServiceNow Process Update Changes” by your team’s representatives. Not all new features need a demonstration, but enterprise-wide changes will be demoed and discussed during the User Group. You can suggest additional User Group content or request access to the Blackboard course by contacting Previous presentations are located in Blackboard.


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ADS IS Office Hours

ADS IS Office Hours are a time to meet with Process Owners one-on-one and ask questions about issues you’re experiencing and seek guidance on IS processes or reporting/service measurement needs. The ServiceNow Users Group is in addition to the ADS IS Office Hours currently offered. Email to be added to the Office Hours invitations.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ServiceNow Licensing

KB0016112 - How do I obtain a ServiceNow License?


Updates on Process Changes

KB0014644 - How are ServiceNow processes managed within IS at Liberty University?

KB0014645 - How can I get Information on Upcoming ServiceNow Process Changes/Updates?


ServiceNow Group Assignment

KB0015787 - How do I get added to a group in ServiceNow?

KB0014018 - How do I set my ServiceNow default assignment group?


Ticket Routing

KB0016095 - How are catalog items routed when submitted via the service catalog?


Incidents vs. Requested Item

KB0015646 - When to use a use an Incident vs a Requested Item


Creating Changes

KB0012576 - Change Management - Procedure

KB0010023 - Change Management - Routine Change SOP Template


IT Project Requests

KB0016104 - How do I submit an IT Project Request?


Items which can be Requested in the Service Catalog

KB0015256 - Catalog Item Category Descriptions


Have additional questions? Check out the resources below.


ServiceNow Documentation >> Knowledge Base Articles >> Blackboard Course >>



Need Support?

ADS IS Process Owners

Process owners drive process development, collaborating with stakeholders to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the process, review any proposed enhancements to the process, manage any changes, and communicate with users affected by any process changes. Process owners also ensure that their processes are well-defined, documented, and measurable. For established processes, process owners ensure that training and process adherence guidelines are available and administered while acting as liaisons for competing for process outcomes and working to reconcile these competing outcomes through process improvements.


Meet The Team:




Autum Phillips   Eric Viets   Jomer Bunque      
Focus: Programs & Portfolios, Resource, Finance, Supplier, Project   Focus: Knowledge   Focus: Configuration, Change, Asset, Incident and Problem      
Team Lead   Process Owner   Process Owner      
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ADS Operations - Reporting:

ADS Operations - Reporting primarily creates and maintains large dashboard-style reporting. In addition to reporting, the team is also responsible for managing and administering various Tableau sites and utility partitions within the data warehouse.


Meet The Team:


Joseph Woosley   Hannah Hudnall   Carl Wilcoxen    
Team Lead   Team Member   Team Member    
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ADS Operations - Process Development

ADS Operations - Process Development creates applications to transform inefficient business processes into efficient business processes. Whether it is digitizing paper processes, streamlining approval processes, automating manual systems, building work management suites, or creating custom features and modules for ServiceNow, ADS Ops Development’s aim is to help the operational departments of Liberty University continue to improve through innovation and enhancement.


Meet The Team:



Brian Tencher   Tony Trupe   Josh Gerstner  
Team Lead   Technical Lead   Team Member  
Taleah Wheeler   Allison Newman        
Team Member   Team Member        


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