Liberty University will no longer support Windows 7 beginning in October 2019.

Windows 10 - A Better Way To Get Things Done.

We are onboard!

Information Technology is excited to announce the adoption of Windows 10 across Liberty University's campus. This operating system offers faculty and staff a plethora of new features that transform how we collaborate, communicate, and interact with technology and each other.

Below is a list of highlighted features within Windows 10 as well as more information about how to migrate your work computer to the new operating system.



Windows 10 features!

Enhanced Security

Windows 10 combines the best of Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, and SmartScreen Filter to ensure that you are protected from threats such as viruses, hackers, malicious software and websites, and other threats. Learn More...

Higher Productivity

Stay productive with new features like action center (your message center), Microsoft Edge (replacement of Windows Internet Explorer), or Windows Hello (a biometric security recognition system) that take the hassle out of common day operations and help you focus on what matters. Learn More...

Learn about new and upcoming features to Windows 10 here.


How you can get on board!

Are you ready to make the jump with your work computer to Windows 10? If you are, then you may bring your laptop into the nearest HelpDesk Location or Submit a Ticket for your desktop. 

For your laptop or tablet:

Visit any IT HelpDesk location to have your device updated with the Windows 10 Operating System.

For you desktop:

Submit an IT HelpDesk ticket for a desktop installation request. 

Please Note: Beginning Spring 2017, all Lifecycle Management (LCM) Windows computers will be configured with Windows 10. 


Do you have more questions?

If you have additional questions, please visit any IT HelpDesk location for further assistance. You may also call our local number at (434) 592-7800 or TOLL-FREE number at (866) 447-2869.