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IT Success - IS Road Show

On Thursday, Oct. 27th, IS Communications (IS COMS) put on the University’s first IS Road Show. The concept was established as a means to facilitate interaction with new technologies. In partnership 

with the School of Education (SOE), the IS Road Show was comprised of four stations set up in the SOE clinical rooms. Faculty & staff members were invited to share files, create presentations, take quizzes, and edit documents using products such as Dropbox, Adobe Spark, Top Hat, and Microsoft Office 365. In four hours, over two-thirds of the SOE were able to experience the Road Show. Feedback regarding the show has been positive, with several SOE faculty stating they appreciated the hands-on nature of the event.

IS COMS is currently exploring different schools and departments across the University for future Road Show events. 

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IT Success - MABUG

During the University’s fall break, the Registrar’s Office hosted this year’s Mid-Atlantic Banner User Group Conference (MABUG). Entitled “MABUG On The Mountain”, over 200 representatives from over three dozen schools and universities were treated to three days of entertainment, vendors, and small-group breakout sessions covering a myriad of Banner-related topics.

All in all, 22 of the 67 sessions were facilitated by members of LU Information Services (LU IS). Speaking from our University’s perspective, Analytics/Decision Support (ADS) and IT Operations representatives presented material and led group discussions on topics including:

  • Stream Replacement & Data Replication Software
  • Xtender database design
  • Overall SQL performance
  • APEX Development & Everyday Use

2016 marks the second time that Liberty has played host to the conference (2009). By inviting so many institutions to the campus, LU has the opportunity to build relationships with those responsible for education and infrastructure from institutions as far away as New Jersey and South Carolina.

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