Computer Lab Software Policy


The computer lab, in cooperation with IS departments, supports a wide variety of software applications in the academic computer labs.

New software must be tested by Desktop Management and various faculty members to verify proper interaction with other installed applications and proper configuration on the computers. An image must also be created and loaded to each lab computer. Tight schedules often make it difficult to re-image the labs once classes have begun.

Licensing Agreements

The computer lab will not install software without appropriate licensing and approval from Liberty’s Software Compliance Office. Software installed in an computer lab must have enough licenses to cover every computer, unless a license server is being used with the appropriate licenses. In most cases, evaluation versions will not be accepted. Freeware and shareware will be reviewed per request as dictated by the license agreement or approval from the software owner.

Approval and Testing

The computer lab will consult with the requesting department, Desktop Management, Software Compliance, and other necessary departments while reviewing the software request. These departments will determine if the necessary requirements have been met for the software installation. Before being installed in the computer labs, the software must also be tested and added to the necessary lab image(s) and will then undergo further testing by the computer lab and the requesting department if needed.