Software Support

Fully Supported Software

Microsoft Security Essentials –  The HelpDesk will troubleshoot any problems encountered with Microsoft Security Essentials and will ensure that the software is working properly.


Internet Explorer 11 – The IT HelpDesk offers support configuring, troubleshooting, installing, and uninstalling Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) and above. For certain compatibility issues with Blackboard, we recommend that an alternate web-browser such as Mozilla Firefox be used.


Mozilla Firefox - Firefox is an alternative browser that does not have some of the compatibility problems with Blackboard that Internet Explorer does. The IT HelpDesk will offer support to configure, troubleshoot, install, and uninstall Firefox.


Office 365 (Windows/Mac) - Office 365 may be available to faculty, staff and students for Windows and Mac. Visit for more information.


Windows 10 - Windows 10 is a Microsoft operating system available to students at no cost via that IT Marketplace under Shop Software.


OS X (version 10.6 and up) - We offer full support for students who have the full release versions 10.6 or higher of the operating system. This includes troubleshooting and configuring as well as installing/re-installing the operating system.


Blackboard - Blackboard is fully supported for faculty, staff, and students. We troubleshoot internet browser compatibility issues and help with login issues. Because having access to Blackboard is considered essential for Liberty University classes, the IT HelpDesk will take all necessary steps to resolve Blackboard related issues.


Webmail – The IT HelpDesk offers full support for e-mail related issues.


Partially Supported Products

Linux - We offer limited support for Linux based operating systems. Support is limited due to personnel resources.


Gaming Systems - Gaming isn't a priority because Liberty University is a learning facility. The IT HelpDesk will ensure that students are provided with necessary internet access. Beyond that, only very basic troubleshooting is offered. For example, we will provide suggestions on things to try but we won't sit down in front of the student's computer or system and troubleshoot the game itself. We help students get their machines online; this includes clearing them through the Bradford system and other basic internet troubleshooting.


Personal Data Support – The IT HelpDesk will make every effort to preserve data in the event that the customer’s computer needs to be reformatted. We will back up as much of the customer's data as possible, up to 30 gigabytes. However, computer programs cannot be backed up. The IT HelpDesk does not offer unlimited space for backup, nor does it allow the use of the backup servers for any purpose other than for its employees to backup data long enough to put it back on the computer. The IT HelpDesk will not be held liable for lost data.