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Qualtrics - Surveys & Analysis Tool

What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is Liberty University’s approved web-based survey software tool. It allows the user to construct and distribute complex surveys and provide statistical reports based on the results. Liberty University researchers planning to conduct survey research limited to LU students, faculty, and/or staff are required to use Qualtrics.

Need permissions & training? Have your division Administration submit a HelpDesk Ticket


Permissions and Training


  1. SUBMIT A TICKET - The appointed Division Administrator (DA) must submit a HelpDesk ticket requesting for users to be granted Group Member (GM) access to Qualtrics. If there is no DA for a department, the respective Dean or Director of the department must submit a HelpDesk ticket appointing one for their department.
  2. REVIEW CONTENT IN ONLINE COURSE - After the ticket has been submitted, users will be enrolled in the Qualtrics online training course located in Blackboard. They must then watch all of the training videos and review the policy and procedure documentation for Qualtrics.
  3. ATTEND THE CERTIFICATION CLASS - Once the online coursework has been completed, contact the ITFeedback@Liberty.edu to be enrolled into the next available Qualtrics training/certification course. This class will include an overview Qualtrics (approval process, survey creation, distribution, etc.) and will end with a certification quiz. Upon the successful completion of the quiz, a ticket will be submitted on the user’s behalf to grant them access to Qualtrics.


Qualtrics Roles

  • Division Administrator (DA): The individual responsible for administrating a Qualtrics division for a department (i.e. School of Education, Finance, etc.). NOTE: Only a DA can request new Qualtrics users for their division and approved/activate surveys, prior to their being distributed to the desired populations.
  • Group Member (GM): Individuals authorized to be included in the division by their Division Administrator. Has the ability to create, edit, collaborate, distribute and view results on surveys; however, they cannot activate or approve surveys.
  • Report Viewer: Liberty users can log into Qualtrics to create their account. Their permissions level will be at the default 'Report Viewer' level. At this level, they can only view reports (cannot create Surveys, etc.)


Additional Support Information:


Feel free to contact ITFeedback@Liberty.edu for additional training questions.