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Health Coverage


Blue View Vision 130

Employee Assistance Program

Medical – Anthem BCBS (800) 451-1527

Two plans offered through Anthem BCBS.

  • Lumenos High Deductible Health Plan with an optional Health Savings Account (HSA).
    • HSA provides participants with the option to pay for health related expenses with pre-tax dollars as well as save toward retirement.
  • KeyCare (PPO) traditional health plan:
    • $20 co-pay for office visits.
    • $300 deductible per person or $600 family, for in-network services.
    • Pays 80% after deductible is met if in-network.
    • $3,000 out of pocket per person or $6,000 per family.
    • Vision Care allows for one annual exam for $15 in network (more for contact exam) and discounts on eyeglass frames, lenses and contact lenses.
    • Prescription Drug Card $10/$20/$35 or 20% up to $200 co-pay.
  • Both plans include well baby care and routine wellness visits coverd in full.

Dental – Anthem – (866) 956-8607

  • $50 deductible per person or $150 per family.
  • $1,250 maximum annual benefit.
  • 2 free cleanings per year.
  • Pays 80% of simple restorative and 50% of complex restorative care after deductible.
  • $1,000 orthodontic coverage for dependents under age 18.
  • Find an Anthem Participating Provider.

Blue View Vision 130

  • $15 Annual Eye Exam.
  • Eyeglass Frames – $130 plus 20% of remaining costs toward any frame.
  • Eyeglass Lenses – $25 copay with upgrades at additional costs. 
  • Contact Lenses – $130 allowance.
  • Employees enrolling in this benefit may only elect to receive eyeglass lenses or contact lenses each calendar year and may not get both in the same calendar year.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – (800) 346-5484

Provided to employees enrolled in Anthem’s medical insurance at no additional cost. It requires no premiums or co-pays like a health care plan. The program is designed to improve your well being by helping you resolve a problem before it becomes too overwhelming or costly. Licensed clinicians and other professionals are always available to help you and your household members with the following:

  • Marital/relationship or family problems
  • Childcare and elder care resource assistance
  • Financial concerns
  • Alcohol and drug issues
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Legal concerns
  • Feelings of overwhelming loss and grief
  • Times of crisis