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Serving in the Community

Adult Care Center (CSER 527-001)
Amazement Square Children's Museum (CSER 569-001)
American Cancer Society (CSER 571-001)
The ARC of Central Virginia (CSER 528-001)
Beacon of Hope (CSER 578-001)
Bedford Humane Society (CSER 573-001)
Big Brothers Big Sisters (CSER 506-001)
Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center (CSER 574-001)
Boys & Girls Club - Greater Lynchburg (CSER 579-001)
Bridging the Gap Urban Ministries (CSER 532-001)
Campbell County Public Library (CSER 534-001)
Campus Serve (CSER 565-001)
Carriage Hill Retirement and Assisted Living Community (CSER 544-001)
Carrington (CSER 524-001)
Central VA Area Agency on Aging (CSER 504-001)
Circle "K" Club (CSER 533-001)
Community Care Initiative (CSER 564-001)
Concerned Women for America (CSER 555-001)
Dawson McAllister Association HopeLine (CSER 541-001)
Eagle Eyrie Baptist Conference Center (CSER 575-001)
The Gateway Volunteer Program (CSER 552-001)
Girl Scouts (CSER 517-001)
Gleaning for the World (CSER 566-001)
Gospelink (CSER 553-001)
Habitat for Humanity (CSER 556-001)
Heritage Green/Daybreak (CSER 568-001)
Humane Society for Campbell County (CSER 570-001)
HumanKind (CSER 511-001)
Humbly I Serve (CSER 576-001)
Jubilee Family Development Center (CSER 560-001)
Kid's Haven (CSER 562-001)
Liberty Counsel Media Relations (CSER 531-001)
Liberty Counsel University Relations (CSER 531-002)
Liberty Godparent Home (CSER 503-001)
Lynchburg Area Food Bank (CSER 525-001)
Lynchburg Health and Rehabilitation (CSER 501-001)
Lynchburg Humane Society (CSER 538-001)
Lynchburg Department of Social Services (CSER 522-001)
Lynchburg Juvenile Detention Home (CSER 509-001)
Lynchburg Parks and Recreation (CSER 545-001)
Lynchburg Public Library (CSER 550-001)
The Master's Inn (CSER 567-001)
Mental Health America - Lynchburg (CSER 530-001)
Miller Home for Girls (CSER 519-001)
Miriam's House (CSER 551-001)
New Covenant Schools (CSER 548-001)
Old Dominion Job Corps (CSER 535-001)
One Body in Christ Ministries (CSER 554-001)
Opportunity House (CSER 515-001)
Park View Community Mission (CSER 577-001)
Patrick Henry Family Services (CSER 518-001)
Rivermont Pre-school (CSER 513-001)
Runk & Pratt Residential Care (CSER 557-001)
Salvation Army (CSER 543-001)
Special Olympics Virginia (CSER 537-001)
Team Genesis (CSER 546-001)
Timothy International Ministries (CSER 559-001)?
Westminster Canterbury (CSER 505-001)
World Help (CSER 510-001)
YMCA - Jamerson (CSER 520-001)
YMCA - Downtown (CSER 520-002)
YMCA Live-'Y"ers (CSER 536-001)
Young Life Ministry (CSER 539-001)
YWCA of Central Virginia (CSER 529-001)

Community opportunity not specifically listed above: Special Projects (CSER 399-001)

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