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Online Portfolios

The benefits of an online portfolio include the ability to easily update material, instantly share your projects, manage your professional image, and market your work to a much larger audience.


There are a few sites available that allow users to upload and share content that they have created.

  • Carbon Made
    You can manage your online portfolio with a variety of tools that allow you to change how you display your work. The design of Carbonmade allows you to keep your images or videos at the forefront.
  • Tumblr
    Blogging platform that allows you to create a personal site. Allows you to choose different themes to customize the look.
  • Flickr
    Popular photograph hosting site. Allows users to upload photos to personal profile for display.
  • Behance
    Members create multi-media portfolios that showcase their work within the Network, as well as throughout partner sites and organizations.
  • VisualCV
    Flexible portfolio that helps professionals integrate their resume with visual samples of previous work projects.  This site is great for non-artistic majors who still want to show off their occupational achievements.


In order to stand out, you might want to consider a custom domain name. If you have a blog with Tumblr, your link would be “”, but if you purchase a domain name that was simply “” it looks more professional and is easier to share with people.

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