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Activate/Activation Higher OneCard Password
ACH Transfer Form Mobile Alerts Patriot Act
Confirm Bank Account MoneyPak Personal Code
Confirm E-mail Official Check PIN
Deposit to Another Account OneAccount Primary Address
EasyHelp OneAccount Edge Refund Preference
Financial Refund OneAccount Premier Replacement Card
Funding Bank Account OneRewards Same Day Deposit to a Higher One Checking Account
Higher One Online Bill Pay Verify Identity (CIP)
  Paper Check Wire Transfer


Activate/Activation – the process of activating the Higher One card by visiting www.LibertyHigherOneCard.com to verify that the card was received and to authenticate the recipient. 

ACH Transfer Form – a form required by Higher One which includes the bank account and routing numbers needed to deposit the financial refund to a personal bank account. When "Deposit to another bank account" is chosen as a refund preference, the website prompts the user to complete the ACH transfer form. This form must be submitted and received by Higher One to authorize the transaction.
Confirm Bank Account – the process of confirming a funding bank account for the OneAccount. To confirm the bank account, log in to the Higher One website, and select "Accounts" from the "User Profile" tab. Select the "Confirm" button and enter the exact amounts deposited and withdrawn by Higher One (check the funding bank account’s statement to find these numbers). Click "Submit" to complete the process.
Confirm E-mail – the process of confirming the e-mail address on file with Higher One. To confirm the e-mail address:
 1) log in to the Higher One website
 2) under the Profile tab, select "Email"
 3) select the email address to confirm and click the "Confirm" button
 4) enter the confirmation code into the text box
 5) click the "Submit" button to complete the process
Deposit to Another Account – the financial refund preference that electronically deposits the financial refund into the personal bank account chosen. The ACH transfer form must be completed and received by Higher One to authorize the transaction. Funds are available within two-three business days after being released from the university.
EasyHelp – online assistance for Higher One. This feature is capable of answering questions in two ways: 1) Featured Support Categories/Frequently Asked Questions and 2) Ask a Question.
Financial Refund – money refunded to the student from the University when their Student Account has an overpayment.
Funding Bank Account – a bank account from which funds are withdrawn to be deposited into the OneAccount. 
Higher One – the company that distributes financial refunds and administrates the OneAccount.
Higher One Card – if the optional OneAccount is opened, the student will receive the Higher One MasterCard Debit Card. When the OneAccount is opened, refunds released by the university will be available on the Higher One Card.
Mobile Alerts - refund and balance alerts sent directly to a mobile phone
MoneyPak - a fast and convenient way to deposit cash into a Higher One account. MoneyPaks can be purchased at thousands of stores nationwide, including Walmart, Walgreens, CVS/pharmacy, and Kroger.
Official Check – a check requested by the cardholder to be sent to their primary address from their OneAccount. There is a fee this service.
OneAccount – the optional FDIC-insured checking account offered to every Liberty student. When selecting a refund preference, the cardholder is given the option to open this account. If the same business day deposit to a OneAccount option is chosen as the refund preference, the funds released by the University will be directly deposited into the OneAccount within one business day. 

OneAccount Edge - an upgraded checking account that offers the following features:
-one flat monthly service fee of $4.95 (no other fees) and no minimum balance
-mobile features: make mobile deposits, receive text balance alerts, banking app
-free Online Bill Pay

OneAccount Premier - an upgraded checking account that offers the following features:
-no monthly fee with $300 in direct deposit; otherwise $5.95
-access to over 35,000 Allpoint ATMs
-one non-Higher One, non-Allpoint ATM reimbursement
-up to 20% more cash back than the OneAccount or OneAccount Edge
-first class flights on the "Bud-jet" budgeting tool
-VIP-level customer care
-complimentary starter checks

OneRewards – points awarded for making purchases at participating locations. Visit OneRewards.com for more information.

Online Bill Pay - a service offered by Higher One which allows you to pay your bills online through the Higher One website.  Payments can be made either electronically or by check.

Paper Check - refund preference that will be sent to the mailing address you select during set up, the check should arrive 5-7 business days after being released from the university.
Password – a combination of letters and/or numbers created by the cardholder when activating their Higher One card. It is used to gain access to the Higher One website.
Patriot Act – a Federal Government Act passed that requires all bank account holders to verify their identity.
Personal Code - a 12 digit alphanumeric code, included in the Higher One welcome packet, used to set up a profile and select a refund preference.
PIN (personal ID number) – a number created when opening the OneAccount. The PIN is used at the ATM or to make purchases.
Primary Address – the address on file with Higher One to which all Higher One Cards are sent.
Refund Preference – the options given that specify how the cardholder would like to receive their financial refund; the options are ACH deposit to another account with funds available in two to three business days. Same business day deposit to a OneAccount. Mailed paper check.  These preferences can be changed by logging on to the Higher One website.
Replacement Card – a new card issued to a student. If a card is lost, stolen or misused by the student, there is a replacement fee.
Same Day Deposit to a Higher One Checking Account – the financial refund preference that automatically deposits the financial refund into the OneAccount. Funds are available within one business day after being released from the university.
Verify Identity (CIP) – the process used to prove that cardholders are legally who they claim to be. This process requires the presentation of a government-issued photo ID (examples: drivers license, passport, military ID).  The information is sent to Higher One to comply with the Patriot Act.
Wire Transfer – the process by which funds are electronically transferred immediately into a specified bank account from your OneAccount. There is a fee for this service.