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Thursday, May 14, 2015 A Tribute to Military Spouses

(Posted May 14, 2015)

“Oh my soul, march on with strength!” (Judges 5:12, NASB).

On May 8, 2015, Liberty University conducted its first Military Spouse Recognition Ceremony. 

This event was awesome, another demonstration of Liberty’s commitment to our nation’s military, veterans, and the families who stand behind them.  Speaking of military families, my dear bride of 42 years, Kathleen, was the keynote speaker to the graduating military spouses.  Her words were profound, and spoke strength and encouragement to the heart of every military spouse present. 

I pass her comments along to you, perhaps to honor you as a military spouse, or to honor those military spouses in your life who selflessly serve in so many ways:

"Wow!  Look at you Military Spouses – Diverse in many ways, yet with so much in common. We are from every ethnic background… from cities and rural areas… from the 50 states, and many other countries. 

We are generations X, Y, Z, and … yes … even baby boomers.  We are daughters and sons, moms and dads, and grandparents. We study education, medicine, business, government, music… and the list goes on!

But… we have something that binds us together in a powerful way:


We move … and move… and move again!  We wear so many hats:  Mom & Dad, little league & soccer coaches, den mother, scout leader, teacher, trainer, comforter and counselor.  Uncertainty & Change are the norm.

More important than what we do is WHAT WE STAND FOR.  We share commitment to our families and our nation.  When our spouse goes to war, we go to war!

My personal 'battle cry' … which challenges me daily… is taken from Deborah in Judges as she goes to war with Barak: 

(Judges 5:12, NASB)

I know YOU do the same thing – You make things better everywhere you go… not only by your 'can do' attitude, but more importantly by the light of Christ that you take into the dark places.

More importantly… you bring Help and Hope in Jesus.  HOPE is needed more and more each passing day.  Our country and our world are not headed in the right direction.  We have a huge national debt, but the 'Hope Deficit' is an even greater national challenge.

As 'Champions for Christ,' you take HOPE wherever God and the military send you.  You represent Christ to a world without HOPE. You may be familiar with muscular 'Rosie the Riveter,' a home front poster child during World War II, proclaiming 'We Can Do This.'  More importantly, YOU can do this because of Christ in you, the HOPE of glory. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!

So… take a deep breath, Military Spouses… you can take off your other 'hats' for a few hours. ENJOY THIS GRADUATION HAT!

You have worked hard and accomplished big goals! 
You are loved and appreciated by everyone here at Liberty University, and by a grateful nation.

May GOD bless you, your families, and our beloved nation!"

Thank you, Kathleen.  We also honor you as a military spouse and mother. 

To God Be The Glory!

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Respectfully in Christ, 

Bob Dees
LU Institute for Military Resilience


PS: The next Institute for Military Resilience (IMR) Webinar will be held in September 2015.
Stay tuned for more information!


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