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Tuesday, May 13, 2014 British Isles Tour Day 1

Arriving at Killarney

by Tamela Crickenberger
Executive Director of Enrollment

Fifty Liberty University students (the larger portion is composed of online students) left The States yesterday at 6:40 pm.  While the flight to London Heathrow was smooth and took less than 7 hours, it also meant a lot of red tape to get to our connecting flight to Shannon, Ireland.  There were at least 5 checkpoints and we went through 2 separate biometrics scans as well as a full TSA security check although we'd gone through that at Dulles.  Europeans take security very seriously!

Ireland is as beautiful as I'd always seen in pictures.  I believe this was everyone's first trip to Ireland and so far, it has not disappointed.  The people are so friendly and there are lots of mountains.  I wasn't expecting that. We are staying tonight and tomorrow night in Killarney, a quaint little city next too the Ring of Kerry, which we visit tomorrow along with many other exciting stops...including a visit to an Irish sheep herder!

One of the BEST things has been sharing this experience with 32 online students and some of their family members.  What a lovely group of people!  We have students from Yonkers, NY, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and as far away as Washington state.

Stay tuned for more tales and pictures about our trip to the British Isles.  For now, I'm signing out along with the rest of our exhausted travelers.

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