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Wednesday, March 4, 2009 EDU redesign - what does it mean for me?

**Please note: If you are a Web Manager user but your website is NOT liberty.edu, there should not be any change to how you edit your pages. There will not be any change to the design of your website.**

If you haven't checked your inbox yet, you've missed the email announcing there's a redesign for the liberty.edu site going live next week. 

So how will it affect your pages?

The new design is actually set up almost exactly like the current design, although it looks pretty dramatically different. Your existing content should show correctly in the new design - at least for the most part. You will, however, want to give your pages a good once over next week after the launch to make sure they look good. Hey, you can check the currency of your content while you're at it!

Situations that could cause your content to look not-so-nice:

  • Special styles. The new design has some new text styles associated with it. So you'll want to take a look at your pages to see if any of the text is looking funky, and edit accordingly. The new styles will be available in the "style" drop-down in WYSIWYG.
  • Content too wide. If you have tables set to widths larger than the size of the page, they will "fall off" the template: the template will end, but your content will keep going. It's a lot easier to set table widths by percentage - 25%, 100% - that way you don't have to worry about how many pixels wide the page is.
  • Crazy table background colors, outdated photos, animated gifs - if any of these are on your pages right now, chances are pretty good they already look bad. Take them down, please!

And if you'd like to send feedback about the new design, please email webmaster@liberty.edu. We want to make sure the new design is useful for everybody.

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