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Monday, December 1, 2008 Search optimization: delete old documents!

Have you ever done a search on liberty.edu and wondered why what you're looking for doesn't show up?

While there are multiple reasons this may happen, we're going to focus first on one variable that is within our control and easy to fix: out-of-date content.

Did you know that any document (Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, etc.) you upload into your File Manager is searchable? Therefore, even if you aren't actively linking to that document on any webpage, it will still show up when someone searches our website.

SO, we are going to do a little early spring cleaning.

Please delete all old documents out of your File Manager before you leave for your Christmas vacation. If you want to keep some of these documents, save them to your computer and delete them out of the File Manager. The File Manager is not a storage area; only documents actively in use on the website should be there.

If you do not delete old documents, the Web Design office will delete them for you. But, there are 253 File Managers to go through, and it would be so much nicer if we didn't have to! Think of it as your Christmas present to us.

NOTE: Web Manager won't let you delete a file that is in use on a page. It will give you a message to notify you that it is in use, and it will show the PID of the page with the link.

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