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Tuesday, August 7, 2007 Important pages and page deletion

The more important the information on one of your department's webpages, the more likely that another department's webpage may be linking to it.

Therefore, it is necessary that you do not delete pages with perennial or very important information on them. Rather, update them with new information as needed.

For example, the Financial Aid department may have a page about tuition (T). Tuition is a topic of interest to all students, and pages in the Admissions department (A) and International Students department (I) may provide a link to the Financial Aid's tuition page:

Page A and page I are linking to page T
But if Financial Aid wants to redo the tuition page, and creates a brand-new page (T2), deleting the original (T), Admissions (A) and International Students (I) are now linked to a page that no longer exists:

Page A and page I are linked to page T, which no longer exists 

This seems very obvious, but it's also very easy to forget the ways in which your department's webpages impact the website as a whole.

Posted by Kathryn Rost at 2:08 PM | Comments (0)
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