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Thursday, June 30, 2011 A-Z Index

In my conversations with Web Manager users from different departments, I've found that many people do not use the A-Z Index to help them find pages on Liberty's site.

I use it almost exclusively because it's FAST. Much faster than searching or guessing, and I am all about fast when I'm on the computer. Sometimes I chuckle to myself because I get impatient when my computer, which is really an astoundingly impressive machine, takes a couple of seconds longer to do something than I think it should . . .

Perhaps you've found yourself in the same boat. Use the A-Z Index.

It's an alphabetical list of all of our departments and frequently-used pages. You can access it from the Quicklinks - it's the first link.

And if you find that your own department is missing, just send me an email and I'll add it for you!

Posted by Kathryn Rost at 11:56 AM | Comments (0)
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