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Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015 [Archived Catalog] [Archived Catalog]

Courses of Instruction – Undergraduate Programs

PLEASE NOTE: It is the student's responsibility to make up any prerequisite deficiencies, as stated in this Catalog, which would prevent the successful completion of any course.

NOTE: Some courses may have additional fees. For a list of course fees please refer to http://www.liberty.edu/registrar

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Certificate Program

ELIL English Language Institute Learning

Graduate of Theology Diploma

APOL Apologetics (WSB)
BIBL Biblical Studies (WSB)
CHHI Church History (WSB)
GBST General Biblical Studies (WSB)
PRTH Practical Theology (WSB)
THEO Theology (WSB)


ACCT Accounting
ALOM Adventure Leadership and Outdoor Ministry
AMOA Administrative Medical Office Assistant
APOL Apologetics
ARTS Studio and Digital Art
ASLI American Sign Language
ATHL Athletics
ATTR Athletic Training
AVIA Aviation
AVMN Aviation Maintenance Technician (Certificate)
AVMT Aviation Maintenance Technician
BCHM Biochemistry
BIBL Biblical Studies
BIOL Biology
BMIS Business Management Information Systems
BUSI Business
BWVW Biblical Worldview
CARA Conversational Arabic
CARP Carpentry
CCOU Christian Counseling
CESL Conversational English
CFRE Conversational French
CGRM Conversational German
CHEM Chemistry
CHHI Church History
CHIN Chinese
CHMN Church Ministries
CHND Conversational Hindi
CINE Cinematic Arts
CJUS Criminal Justice
CLED Christian Leadership
CLST College Learning Strategies
COMS Communication Studies
COSP Spanish Composition
CRFT Craft Skills
CRIS Crisis Counseling
CRST Creation Studies
CSCI Computer Science
CSIS Computer Science Information Systems
CSMA Conversational Chinese
CSPA Conversational Spanish
CSTU Cultural Studies
DIGI Digital Media
DMCA Digital Media & Creative Arts
ECON Economics
EDSP Special Education
EDUC Education
ELIO English Learning Institute Online
ELTC Electrical
ENGC Computer Engineering
ENGE Electrical Engineering
ENGI Industrial and Systems Engineering
ENGL English
ENGM Mechanical Engineering
ENGR General Engineering
ENVR Environmental Science
ESLP Eagle Scholars Leadership Program
ESOL English as a Second Language
ETHM Ethnomusicology
EVAN Evangelism
EXSC Exercise Science
FACS Family and Consumer Sciences
FREN French
FRSM Freshman Seminar
GEED General Education
GEOG Geography
GLST Global Studies
GOVT Government
GREK Greek
GRMN German
HBRW Hebrew
HIEU European History
HIST History Research and Methods
HIUS United States History
HIWD World History
HLTH Health
HONR Honors
HSER Human Services
HVAC Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
INDS Interdisciplinary/Individualized Studies
INFO Informatics
INFT Information Technology
JOUR Journalism
KINE Kinesiology
LIFC Life Coaching
LING Linguistics
MASN Masonry
MATH Mathematics
MENT Mentoring
MILT Military
MISC Military Science – Army ROTC
MUSC Music
NASC Natural Science
NSSR New Student Seminar
NURS Nursing
PHIL Philosophy
PHSC Physical Science
PHYS Physics
PLAW Paralegal Studies
PLED Pastoral Leadership
PLMB Plumbing
PSYC Psychology
RLGN Religion
RLST Religious Studies
SCOM Speech Communication
SMGT Sport Management
SOCI Sociology
SOWK Social Work
SPAN Spanish
STCO Strategic Communication
STEM Science/Technology/Engineering/Math
TESL Teaching English as a Second Language
THEA Theatre Arts
THEO Theology
UNIV University
WELD Welding
WLED Women's Leadership
WMIN Women’s Ministries
WRSP Worship Studies
YOUT Youth Ministries

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