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Wednesday, August 22, 2012
Editors - procedures for updates

*Publishers and Normal users for non-academic departments, these procedures do not apply to you. Feel free to read this post anyway.

Hello, Editors!

As you know, we've made phenomenal progress on the Provost's new plan for Academic web content. With this implementation have come some changes in procedures for updates. This post gives a simple breakdown of what has changed, and how.


As you know, the publishing process now goes through our team and the Provost's office. Here is the procedure:

  • Keep your pages up to date and accurate, as always
  • After you complete edits simply hit the "submit for approval" button
  • Our team will receive your page(s) the next day, and will:
    • Publish them (non-academic content), or
    • Pass them on to the Provost's team (academic content) for publishing

Pages should be published within 1-2 business days after being submitted for approval.

Navigation sets

Need to update your navigation? No problem!

  • Send me an email with your requested updates
  • For small updates, our team can usually turn your request around by the next day
  • If you need to overhaul your entire navigation, we should finish it within a week

Deleting Pages

Need to delete some pages? No problem!

  • Make sure the pages on the chopping block are not linked to - this will prevent broken links
    • With the page open in Web Manager, choose "Information" (left-hand side, under "Page Tools")
    • Choose the "Links to this page" tab, and check for links
    • Remove any existing links
  • Email me a list of the PIDs that need to be deleted
  • Sit back and sip some cola - your pages will be toast


As an Editor, you no longer have to worry about Signing-Off on pages. You can still view the list of pages pending Sign-Off, but you do not have to Sign-Off. Even without Sign-Offs, remember to review your pages and keep them up to date!

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