Victory FM History


A Blast from the Past at Victory FM


This page is dedicated to the folks who have "made their mark" over the past 28 years at Victory FM. Thankfully, they've kept in touch, and here's a little info about where they are now!

Ed Stewart & His Family

An Email from Ed Stewart to Victory FM:

"I hope all is well there. This is Ed Stewart. I had the privilege of being on staff at Victory FM from 1988-1995. As I was working this morning, I listened to Mr. Edwards on 'The Morning Full of Music.' It was such a blessing. We have a Christian station here in's a Contemporary 'Top 40' type of station. But, it's no Victory FM. I get stopped many times as I work here at church by people wanting a different type of station. As I listen to them, I've always thought that what we need in Columbia is a Victory FM. Thank you for being who you are and for doing what you all do for the kingdom of God. You're blessing hearts all over the place!

Take Care,

Ed Stewart
Minister of media Shandon Baptist Church"


Rodney Baylous

The Afternoon Get Together, Some Time Ago:

Rodney Baylous... that name rings a bell... Hmmm. Right!

The host of The Afternoon Get Together throughout the 90's! Rodney was with Victory FM from August of 1991, to August of 2000. This is Rodney and his family. He currently is working with 106.5 Alive! in Philadelphia.







Sam Stutts & His Family

"...WRVL Sports."

Sam Stutts was on the Victory FM Staff back in 1995-1997 and served as news and sports director. He is now the manager and underwriting director for WPIR "Joy FM" in Hickory, North Carolina. He's married to Maritza, and his children are Mima, Robert, Joanne, and Seth. Sam was in town, and he stopped by to say hello!


Jamie Hall

"With Your WRVL News, I'm Jamie Hall."

During the late 90's, you may remember this familiar news reporter for the Victory FM News Department. Jamie Hall has since moved from Victory FM, and has become the General Manager for WWMC, 90.9FM The Light, another FM broadcast service of Liberty University. You can hear Jamie on Victory FM during football season on the Flames Sports Network. He also calls play-by-play for the Liberty Lady Flames Basketball team, heard on 90.9FM.





Bob & Dorothy Phillips

An Email From Bob Phillips:

"I am very glad to have been a part of the first 25 years with Victory FM! I pray that it will continue to be around for many years to come. Jerry Edwards and all there at Victory FM made a big impact on my life and I sure do appreciate it so much. I am now a Senior Pastor of First Pentecostal Holiness Church in Altavista, Virginia. My wife Dorothy and I are serving the Lord together and thank the Lord for His divine placement for us. May all that listen to Victory FM be blessed and encouraged and may the Lord continue to bless all those that are there now working behind the scenes of such a great radio station.

Grace Be With You All,

Rev. Bob & Dorothy Phillips"


Joe Portnoy

Remember Joe?

Joe Portnoy was on staff at Victory FM for 4 years as a part-time board operator. He was the one who made sure your favorite Saturday and Sunday morning programs got on the air, and he was also on the air Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Joe is grateful for the opportunity to work at Victory FM.

"If it wasn't for Victory FM and the dedication to great radio, I wouldn't be in the position that I am right now. Victory FM taught me that in whatever I do, whether it be just pushing buttons on a Saturday or Sunday morning, I am doing it for the Lord and not myself."