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Ed Parker

Associate Director of The Visitors Center

Phone: 434-592-3775


I am a native Lynch”burger”, who, after a 20 year absence returned home in 2003. I first walked the isle of the church I grew up in and gave my life to the Lord at the age of 8. While I grew up in a very positive and Christ honoring home with wonderful parents, I attended Radford University and had well let’s just say…too much fun outside of class.  In my late 20’s I rededicated my life to the Lord and have been walking with Him ever since.

I am one of the few here at Liberty that actually did not attend this great university and earned a Bachelor’s degree from Radford located here in VA.

I have the pleasure of being married since 1989 to Diana, who I met in college by the way. We have two children who are so very much like their parents. I come to LU from a career in Christian Retailing, having worked and managed Lifeway and Family Christian Stores.

The Lord brought our family back to Lynchburg in 2003 to become a partner with a new ministry, Mustard Seed Christian Bookstore & Café. Mustard Seed was a bookstore and restaurant in one, but unfortunately the food part of it was a bit of a struggle and the decision was made to close our store after 4 years.

In all my years serving God’s people in retail I always tried to instill into my teams this one simple fact--that no matter what happens throughout your day, remember that nothing happens until a customer chooses to shop in our store. Everything revolves around the customer.

I bring that very same idea to my position of service here at Liberty, nothing happens until a student makes the decision to attend Liberty University, everything revolves around our students. I look forward to using my life experiences to assist you however the Lord leads. It is an honor to serve you, our prospective student, as you consider Liberty University to further you education.

Become a Champion for Christ here at Liberty.

Kathy Solivan

Assistant Director of Hospitality

Phone: 434-592-5799


Originally from New York City and born to island-born Puerto Rican parents, I have a tremendous love for culture and diversity and do not know many strangers. I came to Liberty University as an online transfer student and have fully enjoyed every aspect of my academic and campus experience. Thus far, I have completed my Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling: Life Coaching through my alma mater, Liberty University.

Having worked in corporate America and in roles such as the Corporate Relations Manager for Operation Blessing International (Christian Broadcasting Network), I bring leadership experiences and an exceptional track record in team building, training and event planning to the Visitors Center team. God has a way of weaving the threads of our life’s tapestry with great precision and our team is a great example.

At the Visitors Center, we are a diverse and dynamic group who love God, value people, and strive to make a difference daily. We have the distinct opportunity to share Christ’s love in tangible ways and it is our privilege to serve and impact the lives of all who are looking to complete their academic goals and find their God-given purpose.

Aaron Garcia

Assistant Director of On-Campus Events

Phone: 434-592-6536


I am a native New Englander, born and raised in southern New Hampshire. God directed me to attend Liberty University so that I might pursue His call on my life to become a pastor. After four years of undergraduate studies, I completed my Bachelors of Science in Religion: Biblical Studies. Along the way the way I am so blessed to have met my wife and best friend while attending Liberty University and we were married in 2012. God has richly blessed us during our time in Lynchburg, VA. My favorite thing about Liberty University is that it is a place where you will develop lifelong friendships, and possibly meet your future spouse! In all of my time here in Virginia I have seen God work in and amidst every step of my life, because He is a faithful God. Trust in the Lord and acknowledge Him and He will be faithful to direct your steps. I look forward to seeing you here at Liberty University!


Joy Federico

Campus Experience Supervisor

Phone: 434-592-5721


I am originally from Pomaria, SC, and graduated from Liberty University in the early 1990’s.  I learned about Liberty University by watching Dr. Jerry Falwell on The Old Time Gospel Hour.  He was passionate about the Lord, his church, and Liberty University.  I was interested in a Christian university and fell in love with Liberty and Virginia when I came to College For A Weekend in the late 1980’s. 

My favorite thing about Liberty University is the genuine love for God that is evident on campus.  Students greet each other when they pass, and it’s not unusual for our guests to comment on how friendly the people they come into contact with are.  

Working at the Liberty University Visitors Center gives me the amazing privilege of being a part of the "handshake" of the University.  The Lord is still writing the story of Liberty University and I am blessed to have it be a part of my personal story as well.  From the professors to the staff to the students, the presence of the Lord is felt on this campus.  Come by for a visit, a tour, or just a conversation.  I look forward to meeting you!

Darren Rowles

Coordinator of Visitors Center Operations

Phone: 434-592-5372


Hello! My name is Darren Rowles. I grew up in Pennsylvania but moved to Virginia to attend Liberty University. I completed my undergraduate studies, consisting of a double major in Biblical Studies and Youth Ministry in 2012. I am currently working on a Master of Divinity. I am blessed to have met my amazing wife, Kelli, here at Liberty and we plan to eventually move overseas to serve in full time missions. While huge dreams exist concerning life post-Liberty, it is hard to leave a place where the Spirit of God is so alive, active, and evidenced on a daily basis. During my time as a Resident Assistant at Liberty, I saw lives changed for the glory of God. It is easy to encourage you to attend here because I know for a fact that if you do, your life--spiritually, academically, and professionally--will never be the same.

My primary role as the Coordinator of Visitors Center Operations is to ensure our Visitors Center is operating at its highest capacity at all times. This ranges in responsibilities from budget management, to requisitioning and purchasing, to maintaining and updating webpages. It is absolutely an honor to serve you as our guest and prospective future part of the Liberty family. Let us rejoice together in the blessing that God has provided in Liberty University.

Thomas Starchia

Coordinator of Special Guests

Phone: 434-592-3107


Greetings! My name is Thomas Starchia. I was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. I transferred to Liberty in 2007 after talking with a childhood friend of mine and completed my worship & music studies degree in 2010. During my time as a student, I served in the Center for Multicultural Enrichment and Center for Worship (now School of Music) in a variety of performance-based ministries. As a student I served as the director of the LU Praise gospel choir for two years (2009-2011). In addition, I served overseas on mission in Germany and Trinidad & Tobago. I always tell students to come with a teachable spirit and a servant’s heart. If you have those two things in check God will do extraordinary, unimaginable things while you are here.

My primary function as the coordinator of special guests is to serve our university leadership by providing customized tours for their special guests. Additionally, I provide tours for prospective graduate students and occasionally undergraduate students. As part of our events team I coordinate CFAW Groups. In any way that we can best serve you, please let us know. Enjoy your visit at the world’s most exciting (and blessed) university.


Jamie DeLuca

Event Coordinator

Phone: 434-592-3552


Hello! My name is Jamie DeLuca. Liberty has always held a special place in my heart. I was blessed to be born here in Lynchburg VA. I was adopted from the Liberty Godparent Home by my wonderful family. After I was adopted, I grew up in the great state of North Carolina in the Charlotte area. After graduating high school, I received my Bachelors of Biblical Studies from Boston Baptist College in Boston, Massachusetts. My husband and I were married in April of 2014 and we moved to Lynchburg in October of that year.

We began working for Liberty University Online that same October. A year or so later, I had the privilege to start working for The Visitors Center, February of 2016. I love working with these wonderful people and helping prospective students and their families see the amazing place that Liberty University has become. I am currently in the process of completing my Masters of Education here at Liberty University.

God has truly blessed my family with the ability to work for Liberty. We have a unique way of making a large university feel like a small family. One thing I have realized since working here is that people truly care. They pour into students and their families and do not see working here as “just a job”. We are family and it is our goal to make each student feel loved and welcomed. I look forward to meeting each of you at your next visit!



David Quackenbos

Campus Concierge

Phone: 434-582-2064


My name is David Quackenbos and I am a 2014 graduate of Liberty University with a Bachelor’s Degree in History. I grew up in Chesapeake, Virginia and enjoy running, watching hockey, and studying history/theology. I came to Liberty after going on a campus tour and immediately fell in love with the school. My favorite thing about Liberty is the community and discipleship that is present on the residence halls. As a freshman, I was blessed by that community and as I became one of the older students on the hall I was blessed with the opportunity to minister to others. Because I am prone to impatience, my favorite attribute of God is His patience.

Hannah Myers

Campus Concierge

Phone: 434-582-2064


Hello! I’m Hannah Myers and I graduated from Liberty in 2015. I grew up just about an hour away from Lynchburg in Staunton, Virginia. I had heard about Liberty University growing up, and my parents always mentioned they wanted me to attend, but Liberty was the last place on my radar. It wasn’t until I attended College for a Weekend  that my perception of the school changed. I instantly fell in love with everything about Liberty! From the campus vibes to the students’ welcoming personalities, I knew that Liberty was for me!

Now looking back, I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t choose Liberty. The people the Lord has placed in my life while being here have pushed me to become the person I am today. I’m just so thankful that I now get to serve others at the Welcome Center and represent this incredible school!

Terry Falwell

Community Liaison

Phone: 434-582-2375


Morgan "Coach" Hout

Community Liaison

Phone: 434-592-6044


Hi, my name is Morgan Hout. Coach Morgan Hout to be exact. I come by the name of Coach honestly, as I spent most 30 years coaching Division I level Football. Some of those included schools in such places as Maryland, Richmond, Texas and Tennessee. The one “dream” job I had was and is here on Liberty Mountain. I was on the sideline at City stadium in 1973 when the flames won the first ever football game in school history. And as for me the “rest is history” as they say.

Coach Lee Royer, the first Head Coach of the program, introduced me to Hall of Fame Coach Jerry Claiborne, then at the University of Maryland. Coach Claiborne   gave me the opportunity to get a Dr. of Football Education, enabling me to go to 5 Bowl games and coach some All-Americans and future “Pros“ at a great University. I will be forever grateful for his confidence in me.

I always had a burning desire to stand in Coach “Rock’s” shoes at LBC, as it was known then, Lynchburg Baptist College. Every time I heard the founder speak of the vision of a program that could and would rival Notre Dame, my spirit convinced me that was where the Lord was calling me to be and where I wanted to be.

While eating dinner with my family one Thanksgiving, I received a devastating call from Coach John Cartwright that, “Coach” had died in a plane crash. From that night on through the next 6 years at The University of Maryland, then 4½ at the University of Richmond I worked every day to be ready to be the Head football coach of the Flames, which God gave to me in June of 1984.

After the 1988 season we went to Baylor in Texas, and then a few other places. I left coaching in 1999 to spend more time with my family. In November of 2011, a conversation with current President Falwell resulted in our return to be a part of this University for a second time. I am as in love with Lynchburg and Liberty as I have been since that football game in 1973, and love being here in the Visitors Center.