What Our Alumni Have to Say


“Liberty's Honors Program afforded me many opportunities. I was able to take some of my core courses in a smaller environment, establish relationships with professors, and get to know other honors students. Dr. Nutter, the Honors Director, is a great asset to any student, and was always there for advice or help when I needed it. Although I was only a part of the program for two years, it was truly beneficial to my academic career. The Senior Honors Thesis was a great addition to my resume, and I am proud that I am able to present it to admissions committees. My education at Liberty has definitely prepared me for life after college graduation. It was a blessing to be able to attend this university, and I am so thankful for my experience with the Liberty Honors Program.”

-Jessica Schucht, 2012

“The Honors Program is fantastic in that it both provides undergraduates with a rigorous curriculum as well as providing recent graduates with significant advantages in the job market. Since moving to Washington, D.C., I have been several job interviews in both the political and communication arenas. Each of my interviewers was impressed by my thesis, two asked to keep copies for their personal review! I currently work as a media specialist for a political consultant. My boss later informed me that my ability to do research and write as demonstrated by my thesis is what landed me the position. In today's highly competitive job market, recent graduates need to utilize every advantage afforded them. I not only received a superb education from Liberty University's Honors Program, I was able to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation because of it."

-Katie Bell, 2011

“During my time at Liberty I found that one of the most important aspects of being in the honors program was the relationships I built, which furthered my education.  I developed close friendships with other honors students and faculty, who pushed me to study harder and smarter.  The honors students really do become close friends and help each other to succeed.  In turn, this makes the level of learning rise because class discussions are deeper and all of the students come to class well prepared.  The faculty that teach honors classes are also open to talking with students and are very smart. They definitely push each student to do their best, but beyond that, they teach each student to think critically and to form well thought out opinions on the subject matter.  One of the reasons I believe this is important is that a student will not be able to get into a good graduate school if he has not been given a solid undergraduate education.  With that said, I believe, based on my time at Liberty, that the honors program has adequately prepared me for law school. “

-Taylor Webb, 2011 
1L, University of Michigan Law School

“I wrote my honors thesis on the book of Daniel as a model for cultural relevancy.  The thesis not only built my research and writing skills for my Master’s Degree, but also has been a valuable tool for ministry.  I've attempted to live out principles of excellence in community involvement, and it has opened many doors for evangelism in our community.  God is doing great things!  Thanks for being a part of shaping my ministry!” 

-Daniel Samms, 2003
Adjunct Instructor, School of Divinity Online
Group Life Pastor, Church of the Open Door, Elyria, Ohio

Class Notes


Noor Taher - Dartmouth
Alyson Draum - Texas A&M
Drew Dickson - Nebraska (Med School)
Melissa De Nigs - WV School of Osteopathic Medicine


Tyler Flynn: NYU-Syracuse
Emily Dowlearn: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine
Courtney McKenzie: NC State College of Veterinary Medicine
Verona Blonde: University of Akron
Dorcas Lam: Oklahoma State
Jonathan Griffith: NC State
Rachel Steele: University of South Florida
Samantha Blue: Baylor School of Law
Erica Weston, Regent University, School of Law
Rachel Collins: Indiana University School of Law
Corbin Payne: University of Tennessee School of Law


Maria Eller: accepted at Brown University
Katie Bell: accepted at Johns Hopkins University
Matthew Schreiner: University of Louisville
Kristen Wargo: Temple University
John Sessoms: James Madison University
Beth Gillie: Virginia Commonwealth University
Nick Brown: University of Virginia School of Law
Taylor Webb: University of Michigan Law School
Olivia Blessing: University of Iowa Law
Ben Kiekel: Villanova University School of Law


Alex Stewart: Trinity Seminary
Aaron Lumpkin: Southeast Seminary
Emily Dieter: Southern Seminary
Eddie Brown: Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine


Joyanna Gilmour: Cornell University
Samuel Loncar: Yale Divinity School
David Ortiz: Michigan State Medical School
Kelly McHugh: University of Georgia
Cae Bui: University of Georgia
Chad Summers: Temple University
Chris Johnson: Dallas Theological Seminary
Levi Baker: Southern Seminary