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Extended Hours (Late Night) Policy

The following policy applies to all Liberty University students - resident, commuter, and LUO.
Everyone in the facility after 12:00am must know and abide by this policy.


The extended hours of the Computer Lab Learning Commons (3rd floor Demoss) are 12:00am – 2:00am.


  • These hours are for study purposes only and a study-friendly environment will be strictly enforced.
  • Anyone in the Computer Lab for non-academic purposes, or who may be interfering with the study environment, may be asked to leave.
  • In accordance with Computer Lab policy, the 2nd floor of the Computer Lab will close at 11:45pm, and students on those floors who wish to continue studying will be required to go to the third floor*.


Swiping ID Cards

  • At midnight, all students in the facility must come to a Computer Lab service desk and swipe their Liberty University ID card.
  • Students who enter the Computer Lab during the extended hours are also required to come to the Computer Lab service desk and swipe their ID card.
  • When a student wishes to leave the facility they must come back to a service desk and swipe their card again.
  • Failure to swipe your ID card may result in disciplinary action.
  • Students are only allowed to swipe their own ID card for themselves. Using other ID cards is strictly prohibited.

Locked Doors

  • The doors on the 3rd floor will be locked/alarmed at 12:00am, except for the stairwell and the glass doors that are nearest to the Grand Lobby.
  • All exiting must be done through those doors.


All rules in this policy will be enforced at the discretion of Computer Lab employees. At their discretion, they may ask any patron to leave the Computer Lab for any reason. If the student does not leave on request they will be escorted out by LUPD, and may be subject to appropriate disciplinary measures. Involving LUPD or disrupting of the study environment may result in prohibiting the student’s use of the Computer Lab’s extended hours.

* During these extended hours, the elevator inside the Computer Lab will be disabled. If use of this elevator is needed, please see a supervisor at the Support Desk.