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Creative Writing and Fiction Club


Club Mission Statement

We were each born with a story to tell, and, for some of us, that story is told with words. The Creative Writing and Fiction Club exists as a place for those who love words to get together and grow in our writing together. We are a diverse group of people, spanning majors from IT Data Networking to Government to Zoology to English, but we all love to write, and we all try to learn from each other.

What To Expect as a Member

We meet once a week to work on activities to strengthen our writing skills, work on group prompts, and review and beta-read any projects that our members are currently working on.

Club Accomplishments

-We do writing skill workshops twice a semester. Some past workshops have been Dialogue, Villains, and World building. 
-We have a once monthly "work day" where the entire meeting is a beta-reading breakout session where those with big writing project can get detailed feedback from other writers.
-We do a movie night once a semester where we go watch a movie (usually one in theaters) and then discuss it afterwards. 
-We choose new prompts once a month and then review responses to them over the following weeks. 
-Every week, we try to do a writing exercise of some kind that is designed to build some skill. These are often impromptu prompts that are done under a time constraint. This way, there is no excuse to not write.


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