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A comprehensive campaign that defines who we are as Champions for Christ


As we are increasingly in the public eye of a culture that understands Christianity less and less, it is important that we clearly define what we mean by Champion for Christ.

From a marketing perspective, We The Champions is the promotion of a unified theme across relevant materials, bringing consistency to both visuals and messaging. It solidifies our brand and differentiates us from other universities.

From a university perspective, it is the Liberty community working together as one family to tell the Liberty story, using common language and a common vision. It affirms our identity as Champions for Christ and highlights areas across the university where the biblical character traits of a champion are being lived out every day.

More than anything, We The Champions is an effort to unite our university community around our core foundational calling and excite others to join us in the pursuit of becoming Champions for Christ.



  • Is We The Champions Replacing Training Champions For Christ?

    No. It is not a new tagline (Training Champions for Christ will never go away) or a way to boast about our success — on the field or in the classroom. Training Champions for Christ is and always will be the mission of Liberty University.

    At Liberty, a champion is a Christ-centered man or woman with the values, knowledge, and skills essential for impacting tomorrow’s world. It is someone who fights the good fight, regardless of whether they win. And this definition is the one we intend to communicate through the “We The Champions” campaign.

    “We The Champions” is designed to bring more attention to our mission of Training Champions for Christ, not less. It is a way to demonstrate how champion-like behavior is lived out through academics, athletics, and spiritual development.

    This campaign is about unity – the unity that comes from a common vision shared by the LU community and articulated by the Liberty brand. Interacting with Liberty University should be a consistent experience, no matter where or how someone connects with us. Intentionally creating this common experience removes all confusion about who we are or what we stand for.

  • What Is The Declaration?

    God calls each of us as Christians to live out Christ-like behavior — champion-like virtues — in our daily lives. At Liberty University, we do that within the context of an academic institution. The Declaration conveys how those individual ideals function within a collegiate setting. It communicates why education is important and how Champions for Christ use education to serve God and change the world.

    “We the Champions” mirrors “We the People,” the first line of the Constitution of the United States. And just as that document unified the many states of America, “We The Champions” is designed to unify the many members of the Liberty community.

    It is a rallying point and a filter through which our programs (academic, athletic, and spiritual) can be described. Departments should feel free to use the Declaration (or lines from it) to enhance, demonstrate, or illustrate what they’re doing, but they should not feel compelled or obliged to use it if it doesn’t fit.

    The Declaration:

    “In order to affirm our tradition of unwavering faith,

    Ignite a passion for wisdom, challenge perspectives,

    Inspire creativity,

    And pursue knowledge,

    Do resolve to be the voice for the voiceless,

    Bring healing to the hurting,

    Fight for the oppressed,

    Defend freedom,

    Defy stereotypes,

    And follow God’s calling wherever it may lead.”

  • What Does The Campaign Mean For Me?

    We the Champions will be as inspirational as the people who invest in it. Ultimately, it is discovering where champion-like character traits such as gratitude, holiness, humility, integrity, joy, love, service, and unity are already being demonstrated across LU and sharing those stories in a way that unites us. Our people are our brand, and we want to promote a brand of people who authentically live out their faith through every area of their lives.

    You can contribute by:

    • Looking for areas where WTC ideals are being lived out
    • Sharing those programs, instances, and stories with the Marketing department
    • Cooperating with others to create experiences that exemplify or highlight the ideals
    • Praying that God would use this campaign and the university for His glory
    • Tag stories on social media using the hashtag #WeTheChampions
  • How Can I Get Involved?

    Visit the campaign microsite, Liberty.edu/Champions, to nominate people for the Champion Award and learn more about some of Liberty’s champions. Email any questions, suggestions, or champion stories to wethechampions@liberty.edu.

    You can also join us in praying that God would use “We The Champions” to magnify His name and expand His kingdom.

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