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Signage Policy

The buildings and green spaces taking shape across campus demonstrate Liberty University’s commitment to providing students with an attractive and well-manicured collegiate environment, and maintaining this environment is a priority. One way this carefully cultivated beauty is disrupted is through signage placed around campus.

In an effort to exercise good stewardship and reduce clutter on campus, Liberty is instituting a new policy that applies to the following:

  • Bus stop clings
  • Decals/clings on buildings
  • Flyers/posters
  • Ground decals
  • Yard signs

The policy provides general guidelines for signage on the university campus, and will ensure consistent and attractive use of signage in and around all public facilities, ensure that our messaging is effective and free from distraction caused by overabundance of signs, minimize maintenance and repair costs for buildings and landscapes, and eliminate inconsistent, ineffective, and unnecessary signs.

Note: This policy is in effect for all public buildings and spaces. Approval for signage posted internally in residence halls will remain at the discretion of resident directors and resident assistants. Approval for commuter bulletin boards will remain at the discretion of the Dean of Students Office. Additionally, permanent wayfinding signage on campus will continue to be handled by Facilities Management.

Placement Guides

The primary purpose of temporary signage will be to provide directions or to note the location of specific events or activities.*

All signage and its scheduled dates must be submitted to and approved by the Liberty University Marketing Department—prior to posting—and removed by the user following each event. Noncompliant signage will be immediately removed by Facilities Management. Please remember that our campus is a reflection of our values, which include excellence and good stewardship. Departments are required to make sure that their temporary signage does not remain posted after it becomes outdated.

*Consider the following alternatives to temporary signage:

Approved signage

The design must not display corporate logos. You may request that Marketing create art for you, or you may create your own and submit it for Marketing approval. For additional assistance, please email your project coordinator.

The location cannot interfere with pedestrian or vehicle/golf cart traffic or create a potential tripping hazard. It must be placed to minimize interference with LU grounds crews in their maintenance of a clean and well-groomed campus. Please use discretion when placing near other temporary signage to avoid the appearance of clutter.

The signage must be placed no more than 7 days prior to the event (*event directional signage should not be placed until the day of the event). Signage must be removed immediately following the event (the evening of the event or first thing the following morning). 

Bus Stop Clings

  • Athletics
  • Club Sports
  • Commencement
  • Homecoming
  • Student Activities 

Ground Decals

  • Athletics
  • Club Sports
  • CFAW
  • Commencement
  • Homecoming
  • Student Activities
  • Winterfest

Yard Signs

  • Athletics
  • Club Sports
  • Commencement
  • Homecoming
  • Student Activities
  • Event Directional Signage*


Unapproved signage

Signage displaying the following will either be not approved or immediately removed:

  • Commercial advertising via yard signs, fliers, or posters
  • Signs, clings, and/or posters attached to buildings, other structures, or landscape elements such as fences or trees
  • Signs not pre-approved by the Marketing Department

All signage issues not specifically addressed by this or other university policies should be referred to the Marketing Department at marketing@liberty.edu.

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