PRI - Research Event Awards


Supports faculty or student research events hosted by LU schools/colleges for internal and/or external participants. These funds resource speaker honorariums, travel hosting, supplies, food services, advertising, printing, and monetary awards related to the execution of an effective research event.


Read the criteria below, complete the application form, and email it to

Award Criteria

LU schools or colleges may apply for and receive PRI awards offered through CRS for research events.


Applicant should be a LUR faculty or staff member.

Evidence of a well-planned research event

Ability to clearly articulate the vision and logistics of the event as specified in the application. This includes the following:

  • a connection of the event to research and scholarship
  • dates of the event
  • facilities that will be utilized
  • the implementation timeline
  • itemized budget (e.g., travel hosting expenses, speaker honorariums, etc.)
  • evidence of speaker approval by LU Stages, if applicable

Evidence of impact on faculty and/or student research initiatives

  • Articulate how the event will contribute to research mentorship/instruction. 
  • Articulate how the event will enhance faculty in pedagogical practices related to research and scholarship or research knowledge in a particular subject area.
  • Articulate how the event will celebrate student success in research and scholarship.
  • Articulate how the event will enhance student learning with regards to research and scholarship.
  • Articulate how the event will assist faculty and/or students in conducting research that enhances students’ competitive advantage in pursuing career opportunities, advances the University's reputation, impacts society, and applies to the industry.
  • Quantify the number of faculty and/or students that will directly benefit/participate in the event.
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