PRI - Faculty Professional Development Awards


Supports professional development opportunities for faculty involved in teaching and/or mentoring students in research and scholarship. These funds support travel related to developing an effective and well-informed research program.

Award Criteria


  1. Applicant should be a LUR or LUO faculty member.
  2. Applicant should currently be involved in research mentorship or instruction. Provide course number and description or description of research collaboration with students.

Evidence of commitment to research

  1. Provide a curriculum vitae that demonstrates specific examples of participation in research and scholarship and contributions to the applicant’s field in these areas or the potential to contribute in the future.
  2. Provide evidence of the faculty member’s preparation for research.  
    • Novice researchers should demonstrate experiences which qualify them for further development in pedagogical practices related to research and scholarship or research knowledge in a particular subject area.
    • Experienced researchers may apply for support for professional development opportunities related to knowledge and skills in their specific area of research and should be able to demonstrate experience in their stated area of research.

Evidence of impact of proposed opportunity on faculty's ability to influence student learning

  1. Provide action plan on how the professional development opportunity will contribute to the applicant’s upcoming involvement in research mentorship/instruction. 

  2. Articulate how the award will help the applicant enhance his/her research mentorship/instructional skills, capabilities, and knowledge.

    • Note: award can support professional development related directly to pedagogical approaches in research mentorship OR research knowledge and skills impacting student learning.

Evidence of real world impact

  1. Articulate how the proposed professional development opportunity will assist the applicant in conducting research that enhances students’ competitive advantage in pursuing career opportunities, advances the University's reputation, impacts society, and applies to the industry.

Follow-up expectation

  1. Faculty receiving this award may be asked to present the knowledge and skills gained through this experience and/or how they can impact student learning in the area of research and scholarship at a Center for Academic Development (CAD) or CRS Faculty Workshop.

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