Novice Debate Week

August 20 -25th

Passionate about debate? Complete the Application Form and turn it in to

When we receive your application, we will send a follow-up letter with more details regarding the Novice Debate Week. Completing this form does not obligate you to join our team, but it will allow us to send you more information about Novice Debate Week as you make a final decision.

No Previous Experience Needed

Any student who is a full-time residential undergraduate is eligible to apply. You do not need previous debate experience to join our team. A majority of our debaters come to Liberty without having ever debated in high school and our coaching staff specializes in training new debaters. 

Fits in Your Schedule

While debate does require time and hard work, our debaters are able to balance school and debate while still finding time to enjoy college life. Debate is a co-curricular activity. The time you spend working on debate will enhance your performance in the classroom.

Participation is Free! 

There is no cost to participate. Liberty University will assume the full cost of travel, including meals and lodging. Our debaters are also provided with laptops for as long as they remain members of the debate team. 

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Jeannine Scorup
(434) 582-2080