School of Engineering & Computer Sciences: Transfer Policies

General Transfer Policies:

  • Regionally or Nationally Accredited Institution, approved through the Department of Education
  • Grade of B or higher
  • Similar in content and scope of courses offered at Liberty University
  • At least 3 semester hours (4.5 quarter hours) per course
  • Taken from a graduate program in a closely related field


Degree Specific Transfer Policies:


MS in Cyber Security

Admission Requirements

 Maximum Transfer Hours: 18 hours

Age Limit: 5 years of age

The following courses are non-transferrable:

CSCI 601 (Applied Network Security)

CSCI 611 (Secure Software Engineering)

CSCI 612 (Security Engineering)

CSCI 620 (Issues in Security, Privacy & Anonymity)

CSCI 631 (Web Security)

CSCI 632 (Ethical Hacking)

CSCI 651 (Advanced Topics in Computer Security)

CSCI 681 (Capstone Project)


Current Students


Graduating Students




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