Meeting Your Mission Organization's Needs

The School of Engineering & Computational Sciences 

Could your mission organization use the help of an engineer or computer technologist? If so, consider working with the students and faculty of the School of Engineering & Computational Sciences

Through our program, mission organizations like yours now have the opportunity to get otherwise cost-prohibitive engineering and computing services to solve real-world challenges. For this purpose, the School of Engineering & Computational Sciences has joined forces with LU-Serve International to establish partnerships with local and international mission organizations. 

Propose your project by clicking on the link below and giving us information about your need.

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Project Formats

Whether your project involves water purification systems, transport and logistical issues, village lighting, or data and statistical analysis, software/programming, database management, we want to give you access to our student’s skills.  

When we consider your project, we will place it in one of the following formats:

  • Senior Capstone
  • Directed Research
  • Internships
  • Missions Club 

Mission Support

Our goal is to develop our student’s skills in the arena of mission support even before they graduate. We do this by joining forces with local, regional, national, and worldwide mission organizations where students gain experience by applying their technical skills and leveraging their education for missions work.

School of Engineering & Computational Sciences

Through nationally recognized computing and engineering degrees and initiatives in education and research, our school equips Christ-centered men and women to impact tomorrow's computing and technology-related disciplines.